Saturday, September 29, 2007

Everything can Kiss my Ass

So gay ass little South Flordia managed to knock off West Virginia. Good for them. That's an awesome win.

And it just proves that I can't bet for shit on football. I knew that already. Christ, just look at my NFL picks. I'm worse than the fuckin' sports guy, and that guys dumber than shit.

Did you watch that game? WVU might have the worst offense ever. Seriously, in a flag football league, they are absolutely the team to beat. Athletes up the ass. But their whole offense is either run with Slation, run an option with White, or a wide receiver screen. Yeah, that worked for the Bears that one year. But I think it's over.

Here's a funny story that is unrelated to my shitty gambling or drunkeness. Did you know how bad Nick Punto was this year?

I mean you probaby have an idea, but you don't really know.

His OPS (on base percentage + slugging percentage) was one of the worst in teh last twenty five years. He was at .566. His onbase + slugging percentage was .566. This is historically bad. And yet, he had over 500 plate appearances this season. In the last 25 years, there have been exactly five players with a lower OPS with that many PAs.

But it gets better. Looking at OPS, which is a very, very good way to evaluate a players worth, and comparing that to his peers in that season, is the best way to get a gauge on a players value. It's a stat called OPS+. Average for a season is 100. A player with a 100 OPS+ is an average player. This year, Joe Mauer was a 112 and Jason Bartlett was an 89, to give you some idea.

Nick Fucking Punto was a 52. This sounds bad, but wait, it gets worse. No other player, in the history of baseball, with over 500 plate appearances has ever been less than a 61. So Nick Punto had the worst season in the history of baseball for a player with over 500 PAs. For real. THE WORST SEASON IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL.

Yet, Gardy wants him to be the starting second baseman next season. This team is going nowhere fast, and it's just horrible.

The moral of the story is that Nick Punto is basically the worst hitter ever and the fact that Gardy wants to keep him around makes me wish Denny Hocking was here.

yeah, Denny Hocking.

I should also stop drinking.

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No, You should drink more!