Friday, September 21, 2007

One down, Two to go.

Tubby got his first big singing yesterday, snagging South Dakota big man Colt Iverson, the #140 prospect on rivals top 150 list, and the 37th ranked PF. Iverson made the decision after a home visit from Tubby.

Now all he has to do is get Sampson and Joseph as well, and the Gophers are on their way to a dynasty.

This is a great get and a great message. This is the first player I felt like the Gophers had the inside track on, and instead of ending up losing him like Monson would have done, Tubby gets him in here. We can't expect Smith to immediately get the types of players he could get at Kentucky, but starting with a top 150 is a very good sign that Smith can still recruit. Sure, he lost the war for Draymond Green, but that was a tough battle from the beginning.

I would have written about this when I found out yesterday, but I was on a plane because Arkansas didn't want to let me go. My 11:45 flight was delayed until 3:30, and I was stuck in the world's second smallest airport. Thanks Arkansas. You're the best.

Anyway, here's some really, really crappy footage of Iverson in action. It basically shows him catching and alley-oop and dunking and then blocking a shot on the other end. I'm just impressed they actually have the internet in South Dakota.


Dan Monson said...

Looks like an uglier version of Kyle Sanden. I'm talking game wise and looks wise. The best he can hope for is some mop up minutes with Lil Flip when a game is completely out of hand.

WWWWWW said...

Florida wanted him. If they were interested, I'm guessing he's better than Sanden.