Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gophers Win!

I had tickets to today's game but Theory and I went to Jimmy's Bar and then we met a couple of his friends there (who ordered Jameson on the rocks at 10:30 in the morning - solid) and then we went to another bar and then we just didn't actually get to the game so I have nothing really to say here at all about the game.

But I heard the Gophers won but still sucked so Go Team!

And also my pick of Miami +8.5 cashed so that was awesome.

Better game thoughts here.

EDIT TO ADD: Why the hell wouldn't Sally's be open at 9:30 on a Saturday with an 11am game? That's just stupid. And annoying. It's almost enough to make me start breaking out the flask.


Nate Likes Dudes said...

You better be in good shape for tomorrow's game. Sober up drunky!

11:30, Rod's

Theory said...

I think those Screwdrivers we started off with was actually just orange juice-flavored vodka. On the rocks.