Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok, so I just got home from softball (we lost, 25-21) and I have a few very quick thoughts.

1. Dick Vitale's top 40 for the season has Stanford at #14. I have them at #48. This is another example of why I'm much smarter than Dick Vitale. Other examples include everything he's every said. How you have Stanford at #14 is beyond me. It's good to know he found out there's basketball other than UCLA on the west coast though.

2. I haven't paid that much attention to the whole Bill Belichick cheating thing because I don't really care, but I'm also much smarter than Sean Salisbury. On the radio on the way home, he said that the whole thing didn't matter. He literally said, "knowing the other teams signals doesn't make any difference whatsoever." Now, that's dumb enough. But to make it even worse, a few minutes later he said "So what does it matter, maybe 2, 3 plays you have an advantage? Totally overrated." So not only did he completely contradict himself, but he admitted he was wrong without even realizing it. Two or three plays can make all the difference in the world. How this genius has a job, I'll never know. I have second-hand knowledge (still counts) of him throwing away a nice endorsement deal by getting drunk and being an ass. Also he sucked. But his frame of reference for his idiotic rant was "I was an NFL quarterback." Really? Didn't notice. The guy made Spergon Wynn look like Joe Montana.

Yep, Spergon Wynn.

3. Is it weird that when I got home, we didn't have any booze and I was sad, but then I remembered a flask my brother left in my car that he brought to a wedding and I went and got it and drank three quarters of a flask of very warm vanilla vodka?

No? Thanks buddy. I toast to your health!


Anonymous said...

wow, you might have a bigger
problem than worrying about
what Vitale and Salisbury have to say. mix in some water!

Theory said...

No, that's not weird. It'd be weird if you DIDN'T do that.

Snacks said...

I need that back, ass.