Friday, September 14, 2007

Week 2 NFL Picks

Well, that was a very good week to start things off at 9-5-2. Now there are a lot more games with big spreads, and that's usually where I struggle. We shall see.

ATLANTA +10 @ JACKSONVILLE: Yeah, Atlanta sucked last week. They were the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked. But so did Jacksonville. I don't like Jacksonville. I still they're a mess, and even though Atlanta didn't look too good either, I think they hold it to within 10.

BUFFALO +10 @ PITTSBURGH: I've made it known previously that I like JP Losman this year. And last week he sure as hell tried to make me not like him anymore, but it won't work JP! You can't push away my love! Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.

CINCINNATI -7 @ CLEVELAND: Another road team, and a road favorite even, who are usually the devil. But it's Cleveland. The team who chose an opening day QB, benched him twenty minutes into the first game, and then traded him before the week was out. Derek Anderson is starting this week, but we'll probably see Brady Quinn about 3 plays into the game.

NY GIANTS -1.5 vs. GREEN BAY: A bunch of people are hurt on the Giants, and who knows who will even suit up. But they're still better than Green Bay on the road. A good win at Lambeau over Philly, but I'm not a believer.

HOUSTON +6.5 @ CAROLINA: Everyone's all like "Ooh, look how Carolina stomped the Rams in St. Louis, ooh they're so good." Well, they're not. Houston killed a really crappy KC team, so nobody knows that they're actually good this year. I'm predicting 3 TDs a piece from Steve Smith and Andre Johnson in this game (both on my fantasy team).

What? Seriously? Is this because Indy struggled a bit against Tenn last year? You people are so crazy.

NEW ORLEANS -3 @ TAMPA BAY: Did the Saints suck last Thursday? Yes. Did their offense look broken and stupid? Obviously. Did their defense resemble swiss cheese? Of course. Yet, when you get to play Tampa, all is healed! Hooray for Drew Brees!

ST LOUIS -3 vs. SAN FRANCISCO: I'm not completely done with the whole "San Fran is the sleeper this year", but I'm not on board either. Especially on the road against a veteran division opponent.

DALLAS -3.5 @ MIAMI: Dallas might have looked the best last week of any team that wasn't the Colts, and I seriously can't even remember who Miami's QB and WR other than Chris Chambers are.

DETROIT -3 vs. MINNESOTA: Sorry Viking fans, the dream of an undefeated season dies here. Detroit's passing offense should rip right through the Purple Curtain, and the Viking offense is still hoping to one day be slightly below average. Except for Adrian Peterson. That guy is good.

SEATTLE -2.5 @ ARIZONA: Ok, I'm baffled. Why 2.5 only? I don't get it. Looks like an easy pick, thus, Arizona is probably a lock here, but I don't know why and I'm too tired to look things up. But I'm pretty sure Seattle killed Tampa and Arizona lost to San Fran, so I still don't get it.

DENVER -9.5 vs. OAKLAND: Oakland couldn't even hang with Detroit, in Oakland. Denver should have no troubles.

CHICAGO -12 vs. KANSAS CITY: I'm going to just pick against KC this entire season. Chicago's offense could probably never take the field, and their defense and special teams would cover the twelve points.

NY JETS +10.5 @ BALTIMORE: I don't get why everybody thinks the Jets are so bad. I realize with Pennington out, and a new QB in, going against the Ravens defense it could get scary. I also realize, that Pennington hasn't been a very good QB in several years, and Clemens can only make them better. Plus, McNair's banged up and we might see Kyle Boller anyway.

NEW ENGLAND -3 vs. SAN DIEGO: I don't see this whole cheating thing have a negative affect on the Pats. If anything, I see it going the opposite way and making them come out this week with a little something extra to prove. And this should be a great, great game.

PHILLY -7 vs. WASHINGTON: What a crappy game for a Monday nighter. I'd rather watch the Gophers play Florida Atlantic. I also have a suspicion that Washington might be one of those really, really crappy teams (like Cleveland and KC) and nobody knows it yet because they beat Miami last week.

Season: 9-5-2
YTD: 9-5-2


Anonymous said...

Goldy you have the Jets and Giants confused this week

Theory said...

Wow, that's embarrassing.

WWWWWW said...

I just realized that as well. Maybe USA TODAY should list the teams as NY J or NYG instead of both as New York.

I blame somebody who isn't me.