Monday, September 17, 2007

Gopher Preview

I posted this on Gopherhole and I'm tired so just read it:

� Spencer - I have zero hope here. Granted, I'm the kind of guy who was never impressed with Rychart or Puchtel or Hagen. Maybe on a team where you don't have to be a key guy, this kind of player is perfect. But not here. Nothing against Rychart, he clearly put up some numbers, but it doesn't get me excited.

� Coleman - this guy drives me nuts. He clearly has a nice offensive game. With a little more bulk, a little more defense, and a little more inside game, he could really be a solid, solid player. But we've been saying that for two years. Could this be the year? I hope so.

� LMac - I really think lmac is the guy who transferred here to showcase his game for the next level. He's clearly a very good shooter, but he shows very little discipline. Will that change this year? I really don't think so. Not the right PG this team needs. Not a distributor at all.

� Payton - Showed very little offensive game. I was pretty happy to have a 6-6 PG last year, but he's not really a point guard, and his offensive game was brutal. If you're a guard in the Big Ten, you need to knock it down when people leave you open, and he didn't. I don't have a lot of hope for Payton.

� Jamal - I love shooters. I do (Chris Kingsbury is one of my favorite players ever). But it's tough on this team. A shooter is perfect on a team with more options, but there's really not much he can do on this team. That game against Michigan (?), was an anomaly, it won't happen again without more help.

� Jonathon Williams - If there's anything I love more than shooters, it's shot blockers, In a more, optimistic time in my life, I was a huge Antoine Broxsie fan. Yes, I'll admit. Williams really doesn't show a whole lot of offensive game, and not a whole lot of potential either. He'd be a nice piece on a better team.

� Smith - I have no idea how to evaluate Smith. He's spent half his time on the bench. He looks like he has some game, but even when he's on the court he looks a bit lost. I have as much hope for him as I do for any Gopher.

� Johnson - even harder to evaluate than Smith. On the one hand, he seemed a bit lost when he did play. On the other, he seemed very athletic (which is great) and was also really good on college hoops 2k7. I like my video games, but I'm not sure they were right here. Clearly has potential, and I like him a lot. Hopefully Tubby will bring out the goodness.

� Westbrook - I like this guy a lot. He averaged like 40 points a game in high school, so clearly he can score. Really don't know where he fits in here, but I believe he has as much potential as anybody on this stupid team. The problem is he's undersized and not really fit to play point on a team that doesn't have one. I actually thought he was likely to transfer, but I'm guessing the coaching switch kept him around.

� Rico Tucker - going to dominate. For real.


WWWWWW said...

Al loved both Dusty and Puchtel.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Al who guaranteed Miles Tarver would be a first round pick in the NBA draft? That sums up why Al loved Dusty and Puchtel.