Thursday, September 6, 2007

Week 1 NFL Picks

Saints +6 @ Colts: I expect the Colts to win the game, but I think they'll come out with a bit of a Super Bowl hangover after the banner gets hung tonight. I'm also high on the Saints.

Texans -3 vs. Chiefs: Bad teams. I expect the Texans to be improved this year, by a decent amount, and the Chiefs are basically worthless. Home field is enough.

Buffalo +3 vs. Denver: I'm not a believer in Denver. Cutler hasn't proven anything, and I think people are too high on Henry (although I have him on my fantasy team.) As mentioned below, I think Losman is going to have a great year.

Steelers -4.5 @ Browns: Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson - it doesn't matter. Cleveland has nothing going for it. Poor Braylon Edwards. I expect the Steelers to have more wide open attack this year under Tomlin. If Roethlisberger can handle it, look out for Pittsburgh.

Titans +6.5 vs. Jacksonville: The Titans don't look like they have much (I mean, their starting RB is FatDale White for God's sake) but maybe I'm crazy, I believe in Vince Young. There, I said it. Plus I can't imagine the Jags are going to be 100% on their game with the recent QB shuffle. I wouldn't be shocked to see Tennessee win this one outright.

Rams -1 vs. Panthers: No real strong reason here other than the Rams are the home team, and I still think they have an offense that can put points on the board. Two pretty even teams.

Eagles -3 @ Green Bay: Now, I'm not the biggest believer in Philly and McNabb, but Green Bay is a mess. Offensively and defensively they are lost.

Minnesota -3 vs. Atlanta: Maybe I'm a blind homer, I don't know, but I think Minnesota wins this game. The Vikings weakness last year was pass defense, but that shouldn't matter much since Atlanta will likely struggle with their passing game with Harrington and uproven WRs. Hopefully Jackson, Taylor, Peterson and company can muster up enough offense to score some points. Bobby Wade Baby!

Redskins -3 vs. Dolphins: I don't see the Dolphins winning too many games this year. Their defense is solid, but with Trent Green at QB and overrated Ronnie Brown at RB, their offense will really struggle. I see Washington as a solid .500 team this year.

NY Jets +6.5 vs. New England: NE beat NY by 7 at NYJ last year, but only by 3 at home. I don't see that much of a difference this year. So the Patriots brought in Moss and Stallworth, but they're both injured constantly. Who knows how they will come together this year. I also think the Jets have a solid enough defense to be able to hold the Pats down. NE wins, but it's closer than 7.

Seahawks -6 vs. Bucs: Seattle has been a quality team for the last several years, and I see no reason that would change. Tampa Bay has been garbage, and they are probably going to be even worse this year.

Chargers -6 vs. Bears: This line seems high at first glance, but it makes sense to me. Charger O vs. Bear D will be a good matchup, but the Chargers should be able to put a few points up. Bear O vs. Charger D is not going to be good for the Bears. Factor in a few TOs by the Bears, and this one won't be close.

Raiders -2 vs. Lions: Detroit has weapons on offense against a good Raider defense. The Raiders have almost no offensive weapons, but the Lion defense is basically non-existent. So, basically, who the hell knows. I'll take the home team.

Cowboys -6 vs. Giants: Big believer in Romo and the 'Boys this year. And Eli Manning is terrible.

Bengals -2.5 vs. Ravens: I don't know why people love the Ravens so much. Other than Mark Clayton, their offense is terrible. Sure, they have a good defense for the 25th year in a row, but I just don't think they are going to be very good this year.

49ers -3 vs. Cardinals: It's very weird this game is on Monday night. I like the 49ers this year as an up-and-coming sleeper team. The problem is, everybody likes the 49ers as an up-and-coming sleeper team. I should probably take the Cards, but I won't.

RECORD: 9-5-2

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Josh Betts said...

Another thing about Miami - Cam Cameron is their coach! Seriously, look at his record at IU. His ingenious strategies included moving Randle El to WR to help the offense...that lasted a couple games.

Cam Cameron!