Sunday, September 9, 2007

Told you so.

Remember that one time how I told you all that Chris Brown was going to destroy FatDale White in total rushing yards for the year? Turns out, I was totally right. See:

Chris Brown: 19 rushes, 175 yards (9.2 ypc)
FatDale: 18 rushes, 66 yards (3.7 ypc)

Domination. But wait, 9.2 yards per carry is ridiculous. Chris Brown must have had a long run that totally skewed the stats in his favor.

Good point, guy. Brown did have a long of 42 yards (FatDale's long: 13 yards. He must have been very tired after that.) So let's take that out, then both RBs will have 18 carries. It's probably very even.

FatDale: 66 yards
Brown: 131 yards.

Wow. Almost double. Clearly, I am right and you might as well just admit it. Anyone who didn't see this coming deserves to be in last place.

YTD: Brown +109

In conclusion, Hayden Panettiere is hot.

EDIT: Mario Williams 1 TD, Reggie Bush 0

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