Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Super NFL Preview

NFC Division Winners: Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle
NFC Wild Cards: San Francisco, Philadelphia
AFC Division Winners: New England, Cincy, Indianapolis, San Diego
AFC Wild Cards: Pittsburgh, Denver
SuperBowl: San Diego vs. New Orleans
Champion: San Diego Chargers

5 Things that will happen:

1. Peyton Manning will win his second straight MVP award. - Not exactly a bold prediction here, but Manning is still improving, and with another solid receiver on board (Anthony Gonzalez) his numbers could go up.

2. Chris Brown will have more rushing yards than LenDale White - see below post.

3. J.P. Losman will have a very good year. - Losman closed the year on fire last season, and should continue to improve.

4. The Vikings will go 5-11 - wins at home over Detroit, Atlanta, Oakland, and Green Bay, with one surprise win in their somewhere.

5. About to be superstars: Laurence Maroney, Joseph Addai, Mark Clayton, Andre Johnson, Lee Evans


Anonymous said...

You forgot #6. Laurence Maroney pulls a Magic Johnson half way through the season and declares he has HIV!

WWWWWW said...

I don't get it.

Laser said...

You wouldn't!


Anonymous said...

Very bold predictions. Lets see, the best player in the NFL will win the MVP, a shitty running back will have more yards than a shittier (and much fatter) running back, the Queens and thier highschool offense will win 5 games and 2 guys (Maroney and Addai) everyone has pegged to be all stars, 1 guy (Clayton) who blew a 1st round pick on in your fantasy league and 2 guys (Johnson and Evans) who are already superstars are "about to be superstrars." Christ, atleast you mixed it up a little bit with Losman (who couldn't even put up 100 yards against Denver's "pass protection").