Monday, September 17, 2007


Just some left over thoughts from the weekend.

1. Sources say that Colt Iverson, Ralph Sampson, and Devoe Joesph all enjoyed their recent visits to the U, and it's been reported that the Gophers likely lead for Joseph. Can you imagine that recruiting class? #76, #84, and #140 on Rivals top 150. Not Fab Five type material, but a HUGE step up for this team.

2. Clearly, things are much worse than even I could have imagined for the fighting Gopher football team. It was obvious that this year would be a struggle, with a new QB and last year's horrible defense that didn't look like it was going to get any better, but I don't think anybody could have expected this. Since you could only see the game on some fancy internet thing that I don't quite understand, I didn't see the game at all, but turning it over seven times to zero and giving up 463 yards passing against Florida Atlantic tell you all you need to know. Much of the blame for this team's performance still falls on Mason, as these were his players, but at some point you have to wonder about Brewster's ability to prepare a team to compete. I mean, this is a freakin' Sun Belt team here. It's hard to imagine this team winning a Big Ten came this year. Or even competing.

3. As bad as things seemed for Michigan, that team looks downright awesome now compared to Notre Dame after the Wolverines bounced the Irish 38-0 on Saturday. Michigan's defense gave up 34 points to Appalachian State and 39 against Oregon, but Notre Dame couldn't get on the board at all. The Irish are 0-3, with losses by 30, 21, and 38 points. They're sort of like the Gophers of the high profile programs this year. Adios, Charlie Weis!

4. QB controversy for the Vikes? Probably not. They traded up and used a second rounder on Tarvaris, so I'm going to guess they'll be pretty committed to him, but wow, did he make some bad decisions yesterday. Four picks, and I don't recall for sure but at least a couple were just horrendously bad. Between the Vikings, Gopher football, and what I expect from Gopher basketball and the Wolves, this is going to be a long, dark, cold winter. Hockey doesn't count.

5. FatDale somehow managed to outrush Chris Brown 64 yards to 34 yards. For the season Brown is not +79 over FatDale.

6. Reggie Bush is still overrated, 10 carries for 27 yards yesterday.

7. Even though the Patriots look awesome, Laurence Maroney is looking like a crappy fantasy pick. He's basically splitting time with Sammy Morris. Sammy Morris? I am not very happy with my Maroney pick right now.

8. I'm going to be in Arkansas next week. Expect drunken rambling posts.


Anonymous said...

The reason that Maroney is suffering is because because Bellicheck hates me and all other fantasy footballers. Well in case Bellicheck ever stumbles across this blog- I hate your cheating ass. I also think sweat shirts with the sleeves cut off look f-ing retrarded. So take that you fantasy football hating douche bag!

Why does he let Randy Moss the biggest baby of all time reap all of the fantasy glory on this team. 2 weeks in a row Maroney was yanked at the goal line for a back up running back(Heath Evans and Sammy "The Man Lover" Morris.

In conclusion I hope the league suspends Bellicheck indefinitely and the Pats fill the position with a head coach that beleives in a featured back offense.


WWWWWW said...

You seem upset.

Andy said...

In regards to Reggie Bush, he was better than LT this weekend. Bush 6 points, Tomlinson 5 points. Sad, just sad.

RB • LaDainian Tomlinson • SD
Rush: 18/43 TD: 0
Rec: 4/15 TD: 0

RB • Reggie Bush • NO
Rush: 10/27 TD: 0
Rec: 6/43 TD: 0

Laser said...

Andy- You are dumb. Comparing LT to Bush proves that. Bush needs to stick to rushing against pepsi machines and pathetic Pac-10 defenses. I wonder what the chances of him getting that last year of NCAA eligibility back are???

I think Belichek (sp) has been reading this blog, that is how he discovered Lomo is homo. This proves the Belichek (sp) is a bigot as well as a cheater.

LSR- Moss gets to score because he has talent to go with his speed. Maybe Lomo should worry less about his hair and gold teeth and more about learning to run the football.

Theory said...

Tavaris put together one good series yesterday: The Vikes marched down the field and during one of the plays for about a 15 yard gain into field goal territory, the pass was incomplete but the refs screwed up and marked a first down. Tavaris was smart enough to run the O-line up to the ball and get set so he could spike the ball so that the Lions would miss their challenge opportunity. It worked and Tavaris threw a pass over the center to Adrian Peterson which he ran 20 yards or so to the 1 or 2 yard line. Tavaris was then able to run around the end (after the play was broken up) to get a much needed offensive touchdown. Great drive and smart thinking by Tavaris. He just needs to keep that up throughout each game.

Dickie V said...

WWWW- Don't let Theory turn your blog into a Vikings message board. Vikes fans are like a herpes outbreak. It just takes one dirty bird and then you and all of your buddies are infected. Now just change you and buddies with blog. You get what I'm saying. I would forbid any Vikings chatter unless you want to make fun of guys like Theory who I'm sure drafted T-Jack in their fantasy league.

Do not break down Vikings scoring drives on a college basketball/gambling blog because nobody gives 2 craps.

Theory call PA and Dubay or Rube Rant if you want to discuss the Vikes.

WWWW- Where do you have the Gophers in your top 50 preview? Did they make your top ten? I have them at #4 right behind, Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas.

WWWWWW said...

I don't know who dickie v is but I like this guy.

Theory is cleary an idiot, we can all see that.

Also I went to the bar at noon today because Golden Tee 2008 just came out (that's right Laser, it's a good game and you are all stupid.) So I'm drunmk.

Dickie V - please comment on every post I write from now on to keep me normal because all my friends are idiots, clearly.

That means you al.


WWWWWW said...

And who is andy?

WWWWWW said...

also dickie v, I think you're wrong and I should break down Vikings scoring drives on a college basketball/gambling blog because I'm very, very smart about everything.

Surprised you didn't see that.

Brady said...

WWWW- Andy would be the dumb person who compared the best running back in the NFL since Barry Sanders (and possibly the best of all time if he stays healthy) to Reggie Bush. If that doesn't help you figure out who Andy is you can also look around for the person breathing with his mouth wide open. Hopefully that helps you identify Andy.

Dickie V- Clearly you haven't broken down the tape of the vikings game like Theory. I mean how can you doubt a QB who hustles to the line and snaps the ball after a questionable call? That just shows we might have the next Tom Brady on our hands. The one portion of the game the Jaws Jr. forgot to point out is how idiotic T-Jacks 4 interceptions where. So lets break this down...What was more important to the game? T- Jack hustling to the line after another one of his noodle dick passes one hopped to a receiver (most likely with his coordinator screaming in his ear to do so) or his 4 picks??? My name is not jaws Jr., but I would guess the 4 picks where more important and also a sign of what T-Jack is all about. I say bring on K. Holcomb "God I can't believe I just typed those words!"

For all of you who can't see through your purple goggles, T. Jack sucks and just because he wears purple doesn't mean he has a chance or should he be given one. Also, he isn't smart, thus he played at Alabama St. and can't read an NFL Def.

In conclusion...Andy you are dumb and Theory (a.k.a. Jaws Jr) you are also dumb and delusional.

Theory said...

Dickie and down there, guys. Sorry for commenting on the one good drive that Tavaris put together. It was much easier and faster than commenting on all the bad things he did.

Dale Jr. said...

Theory you need to calm down... w/ the T-job hype. 1 good drive! How about the other 12 drives and 4 ints? Not to mention stealing AP's TD on the goaline. You are dumb, and lucky Dickie and Brady didn't savage you more, clown. T-job sucks!

Dickie V said...

Theory please see above posts. Do not comment on the lame ass Vikings on this blog. You are a loser. Go paint your face and go chat the Vikes up at Joe Sensors with the Superstar this week if you need to talk about that piece of crap T-Jack. He had 1 more good drive then I thought he would last week.

You and all of your face painting, mouth breathing ,degenerate friends can go visit Viking websites to talk about this crap.

Let us focus on the upcoming college basketball season and WWWWW's picks for this weekends Turning Stone Resort Championship.

The Rick said...

Dickie V, here is an idea, put down you the Thesaurus before typing your next reply. You stink of a guy who is trying way to hard to sound intelligent. Like you so eloquantly stated in one of your earlier posts, this is a gambling and NCAA hoops blog, not a harvard scholars blog.

Theory, keep the sports chatter coming. Dickie V, we will look for your ramblings when WWWWW breaks down Harry Potter vs Lord of the rings, unless these books are below you.

P.S. R. Bush does blow!

Dickie V said...

Theory ,aka The Rick- Sorry I used big words like "focus","lame" and "the" but half of WWWWW's graduating class and 90% of his faithful blog followers lived in a trailer and read at a 3rd grade level but have no problem reading my material. I will aim lower so it doesn't blow over you head.

I would love for WWWWWW to breakdown HP vs LOTR if I lived in my parents basement, wore superman underoos, owned all of the seasons of X-Files on DVD and played RPG's every waking minute that I'm not cruising the web for some free naked pictures of Princess Leia.


Biggest Loser

The Rick

Dale Jr. said...

My vote is for Theory the hands down winner. T-Job a close second and The Rick way back in 3rd, but closing in fast on T-Job.

Don't forget about Theory's addiction to Dugens & Dragons, and Pong card trading. I can hardly wait for his break down of T-Job vs. Chiefs.

Theory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Theory said...

Sorry to get your hopes up, Dickie, aka Brady, aka Dale Jr., but "The Rick" isn't me. But I like his attitude. This is a sports blog, so let's just keep the sports talk coming. There's no point in getting all upset about a player or team that you don't even care about in the first place.
Let's just get back to WWWWW's other posts.

Dale Jr. said...

Theory please don't confuse me w/ Dickie V, my vocab is much more evolved (that means advanced The Rick) than his. So much so that The Rick probably thinks I'm typing in Hebrew vs. English.

We care about the Vikes a great deal, it is T-Job that we could give two drops of pee about! What's the take on Vikes v. KC (Queens 21 - Squaws 17) T-Job if he plays 3 picks, 1 fumble. AP 127 on the ground w/ 1 TD. Squaw fans will be rioting after an 0-3 start to the season.