Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Poor Man's Mewelde Moore?

As I am watching the big kickoff game between the Colts and Saints tonight, it reminded me how overrated Reggie Bush really is. I thought so ever since he was drafted. The guy was great college player, but keep in mind he couldn't even take the starting job from FatDale White.

He was great in space. Great return man, very good receiver guy, excellent with the A+++ rated USC line creating holes even bigger than what Emmitt Smith saw, but he will never be a feature running back.

Honestly, if you were to move him to receiver full-time (and return guy) I see him as another Steve Smith (the Carolina one, not the Giants one).

But if you watched him tonight, as Snacks said when we were at the bar, "He's like a poor man's Mewelde Moore." Harsh? Maybe. Accurate? I'm going to say yes, at least as a RB.

He dances around like Barry Sanders, but there was only one Barry. Put your head down, and get the extra couple of yards, instead of dancing around like freakin' Baryshnikov. This isn't college anymore where you're going against guys who have 1/85th of your talent. These are the best of the best and you can't pull that crap. His longest rush last year was 18 yards. Drew Brees's was 16.

Nine rushes for 29 yard and 2 catches for -3 tonight. And one punt return for 2 yards. And I'm almost positive in his 12 touches so far tonight, I haven't seen him break one tackle or make one guy miss. It's sad really.

Everyone freaked out about the Texans taking Mario Williams over Bush. Maybe they were the smart ones. Vince Young, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Laurence Maroney, Marcus McNeil, and Maurice Drew (fine, Jones-Drew), all were selected after Bush - and I'd take every single one of them over him.

Also, Brees just got hit by Freeney and fumbled. Guess who was in at RB that play who didn't see that and pick up the block? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't McAllister or Stecker.

Let's look at this Mewelde Moore comparison. Bush longest rush 18, Moore 15. Bush average 3.6 ypc, Moore 5.5. Bush longest reception was 32 yds, Moore's was 50 yards. Bush averaged 8.5 yds per catch, Moore was at 10.2. Bush's longest reception was 74 yards, Moore was 50 - so Bush has him there. Bush averaged 7.7 yards per punt return, with a long of 65 yards. Moore averaged 10.1, with a long of 71. And worst of all, "Captain Elusive" Reggie Bush averaged 8.2 yards after the catch, while Mewelde Moore averaged 10.5. The numbers don't lie folks. Reggie Bush = Poor Man's Mewelde Moore.

I'll just leave you with this:

Also, quick shout out to The Todd: Go Lions!

And FYI, if Bush picks up a cheap TD at the end of the game or cheap yards it doesn't matter so save it.

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The Todd said...

I'm humbled and honored...The Todd.

PS, Optimators is already whining about his 3 points that the Poor Man's Mewelde Moore put up for him last night.

Go Gophers!