Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reggie Bush Proves me Wrong

- Ok, not really. He did score two touchdowns, which ties him for the season with former Gopher Matt Spaeth, but he still sucked. Both were one-yard touchdowns, which actually is really surprising because I didn't think he could score on the goal line, but those two one yard TDs were about his average gain for the night, he had 7 attempts for 15 yards. Tack on 6 catches for 20, and that's a whole 35 total yards on the night. For "the best player to come into the NFL since Barry Sanders." Good call, morons.

- FatDale once again managed to outrush Chris Brown, but only because the coaches decided to give him the ball 17 times to 11 for Brown. White rushed for 50 yards (2.9 ypc) and Brown for 38 (3.5 ypc). Season stats are Brown +67.

- The Saints are clearly broken. With zero running game, Brees can't do much and has 1 TD and 7 Ints, with a QB rating of 57.1

- I wouldn't panic on the Chargers quite yet, they have too much talent to be this bad, but it doesn't look good. Hopefully the Packers aren't for real. I don't think I could handle a good Packers team.

- Mewelde Moore's QB rating after that incompletion on Sunday is 39.6. T-Jax has a rating of 40.0. That's god damned hilarious. And how good does Adrian Peterson look? It's going to be a fun six years or however long RBs last.

- I'm getting bored with football. Can college basketball start now?


Bogart said...

I can't wait for college basketball too so we don't have to listen to your pointless dribble about players you don't like in the NFL because they aren't on your fantasy team. Why aren't you trashing on LT and his whopping 2.3 average and 1 TD? And nice call on J.P Losman and Mark Clayton dipshit. If there are three things we learned from last night's game they are (1) Reggie Bush can score on the goal line, (2) Lendale White is a decent running back even though his is fat, and (3) Suzy Kolber is hot.

Anonymous said...

Amen to EVERYTHING Humphrey said, EXCEPT for item #3, Suzy Kolber is repulsive and extremely obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

Lendale White is decent???? Come on now. Let me guess either you or your girlfriend/wife is fat and you are tired of WWWWWWWW making fun of fat people.

Also, LT??? I think you must have forgot his last five years. Yes, he has had three bad games but what has reggie bush done other then make a bunch of shitty commercials, do a back flip into the end zone in the NFC title game that fired up all of chicago and led to his team losing the game and scored two meaningless touchdowns on MNF when his team was getting its doors kicked in. Nice player!

W, it is time to start limiting who can post on this blog. Between Dickie V and this turd your page is really going down hill.

bogart said...

Just read in the paper this morning that Deuce is out for the year. I'm surprised its not already posted on this blog, but I guess since it doesn't involve anyone on W's fantasy team there's no coverage on his blog. Any takers that Bush has more rush/rec. yards this year than LT??? Bush has already spotted him about 80 yards.

WWWWWW said...

There's not a chance in hell Bush has more yards than LT. And you're right, Bush and FatDale aren't my fantasy team. You know why? Because they are horribly overrated and only and idiot would draft either of them.

Mrs. Bogart said...

Suzy Kolber is super hot compared to me and much, much skinnier.

PS I think that Dickie V guy is really funny. I wish he would start his own blog.

Nissan Pathfinder said...

I will also take that bet. Reggie bush will have less rushing yards then his fatass teammate from USC. Only a true idiot would make that statement and bet.