Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watson v. Elk

Hey, Grandslam has decided to write again. Here we go:

What was the most intriguing/interesting story last week at the Zurich Classic? Was it the fact the young argentinian Andres Romero won his first PGA Tour title, or was it the fact for the second week in a row mother nature had a big say in the weeks tournament?? Hell, it could even be the fact that alot of the top finishers in the field made significant jumps in the World Golf Rankings. If you say that anything that i had mention was the standout story of the week, then you clearly did not watch Friday's coverage on the golf channel.

This might possibly one of the funniest things i have ever seen on Live TV.

Now obviously for young Bubba Watson this was a situation that was happening for the majority of the first two rounds. Of course it was, for gods sake Bubba Watson hits it 40 yds. past the majority of his playing partners. The one thing that i did not like about the situation was how Steve Elkington's caddie stormed off the 18th green with his employer. I had no problem with the way Elkington reacted, cuz lets face it if you get alled out like a little bitch, your gonna be pretty pissed. And this maybe just my opinion, but Elkington should have stayed and at least shook hands with the rest of the caddies, if for anything to show them the respect.

This week the tour will head to Houston for the Shell Houston Open. This tournament has absolutely been dominated by international players in the last ten years, especially the Aussies (ie: Stuart Appleby). International players have won 7 out of the last 10 years here. 4 of those wins have gone to the Aussies (Scott, Allenby, and Appleby), as for Stuart Appleby he has 2 wins and 2 seconds in 7 career starts here.

Usually the week before a major (Masters next week) the fields are usually pretty weak. Surprisingly this week is a very strong field considering the circumstances with 5 of the top 10 in the fed ex cup standings. With this all being said, my pick for the week is an international player, and its the Aussie Stuart Appleby. With his dominance in this tournament he's someone you have to think will be right there come Sunday.



dawg said...

I kind of feel bad for GS and his 0comments so I found the 1 interesting golf tidbit on the entire WWW. Tiger Wood's odds to win the Masters is 1-1 (maybe those are his odds every tournament and I didn't realize it). Next closest is Philly (P-Cups) Mikelson at 9-1. Hopefully this will get you up to the minimum requirement of 5 comments and save you from the sheer humiliation of getting your blogging rights revoked.

Grandslam said...

yea, what the fuck is this? sorry i have been drinking today!