Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Penn State Forward is "Handsy"

In case you missed it, as I did, Penn State senior-to-be guard Stanley Pringle got busted for masturbating in the school's library. To be precise, he offered a female student "hand lotion" then, after she declined, sat behind her and began self-pleasurization.

Pringle will actually be a pretty valuable member of the Nittany Lions next year, relatively speaking. He averaged 7 points, 2.5 rebs and 2.5 assists per game last season. He also leads the team in pervy-ness. Although you have to admire the smoothness of "Would you like some hand lotion." I can only imagine some of the student section signs/chants he's going to hear next season.

Full article here.

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The Todd said...

As tacky as it sounds, it does work. I've bagged at least 5 girls and a dude doing that at the Anoka County Library.