Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who needs baseball?

Excuse me, WWWWWW, it seems you have forgotten about the most exciting team in town, the one with a blueprint for success.

The masses want their Timberwolves coverage, just look at the excitement building in the Target Center before the game against Detroit!

Nevermind, the Wolves suck. At least they seem to have a sense of humor--this is the best April Fools joke I've seen all day.

See you at Target Center on the 16th!


Dawg said...

Snacks - I'm tired of scrolling through the monster thread to reply to your messages. You trying to defend your position on The Hoff is like germans trying to defend throwing the Jews into the ovens.

First - You said The Hoff sucked. You didn't say he was average.

I had this comaparison earlier in the season. I think you will find it interesting how The Hoff fared against one of 2007's highest rated guards now that the season is over.

Jai Luca Florida G Rivals Rivals #40:

30 MPG 8.5 PPg 1.7 RPG 1.4/A/TO .5 SPG

Blake Hoffarber Minnesota G Rivals Ranking # NR:

20 MPG 8.4 PPG 2.9 RBG 1.4/1 A/TO
.5 SPG

Blaked played 25% less minutes/game then Jai and was equally productive. Keep sticking your foot in your mouth. I love it!

WWWWWW said...

I didn't even know you knew how to use statistics. I thought you just evaluated everything based on "gut feeling" and your own perceptions. Congratulations on evolving.

Keep it up, and one day you might realize how good Cal Ripken was.

snacks said...

Dawg - congratulations on using statistics to make a point that had nothing to do with anything that I said. Maybe I should recap for you and you can try and form a more coherent an on point comeback.

I said that Hoffarber is an excellent shooter - as evidenced by his 8.4 pts per game and strong shooting percentage.

I said he can't create his own shot or score in traffic. I said he is a defensive liability. I said he is a mediocre ballhandler. I said he is a mediocre, at best rebounder. (And please, the fact that at 6'4" 200 lbs he was able to grab more rebounds than 5'11" 155 lbs. Lucas hardly says anything about his rebounding prowess)

How do your statistics refute any of those claims? I'll tell you right now that they don't so stop looking.

Right now Hoffarber is a one-dimensional player. Maybe he'll develop a better all around game as his career progresses, maybe not. Maybe he'll be one of those 1-dimensional players who becomes a very valuable contributer a la Lee Humphrey. But right now that's all he is and I stand by my opinion of him - if he isn't hitting his shots he is a huge liability on the court. (If you remember, when I said he sucks earlier in the year, it was before he got his shot going.)

Dawg said...

The point was that you and WWWW would take turns blowing Jai if he was into greasy white guys.

But as the stats point out The Hoff had a good season statistically compared to a fairly hyped player of his class. He was more productive in terms of mintues played offensively and on the boards.

So admit that you were off base by saying that The Hoff sucks and I will relax on my stance that you are the worst judge of talent since Bret Michaels let go of Megan on Rock of Love for no good reason.

If you want to continue making assertions that somebody sucks one or two games into their collegiate careers be my guest but I will call you out for being an idiot and will never allow you to get excited for 1 of his 200 or so future 3's while in my presence.

Apologize to me and The Hoff and we will be square.

Snake said...

Sidler- Did someone pay you to attend that game or did you lose a bet?

Utterly Stupefied said...

Are you insane? I would love to see how the logic wheel spins in your head.

Snacks writes that he is a one-dimensional player, so that means he can't cheer for Hoffbauer, in your presence? Once again, brilliant logic. I know a way that Snacks could prevent that uncomfortable situation, his family could stop inviting you to games. You get invited by them and then you make them feel uncomfortable. What a gracious guest.

Dawg said...

Utterly stupid - Snacks said The Hoff sucks 2 games into his career. This isn't a debate its a fact that he said it. He admitted to saying it and now would like to back off of that bold assertion.

PS The Family of WWWWW's will let anybody go to a game that buys a few rounds of drinks. This is probably why you haven't been invited to many games of late.

Thanks for chiming in on a running bit that stems from a game and a conversation that you weren't apart of.

Utterly Stupefied said...

Buying them a round of drinks or annoyingly persistent begging.

I thought that this debate began on the website, given the fact that Snacks wrote that he sucked and you got all defensive about it. Sorry for intruding, you exclusionary son of a bitch.

Sam Jacobson sucked, but Hoffbauer doesn't.

WWWWWW said...


snacks said...

dawg -

This is what I said -

snacks said...
Fine, I'm leaving my opinion as he sucks, but I'm willing to allow him to convince me otherwise.

Obviously what I was saying is that at this point he looks like he sucks, but I'm willing to keep an open mind and reevaluate him as the season progresses. Apparently I should no longer give my first impression of players on this blog.

I believe I have thoroughly given my reevaluation in my recent posts. He is a one-dimensional player who sucks if he isn't knocking down outside shots.

I am not backing off anything that I said. It's funny how you have been basing your entire rant(s) on a mischaracterization of what I actually said.

Another opinion I'm not backing off of is this "Dawg, you are such a dipshit."

joe said...

I'm ending this stupid debate right now - you're both wrong and stupid. If little W said Hoff "sucks" I would agree with Dawger that he does not "suck" per se and little W sounds like he's backpedalling somewhat. But to suggest that Hoffarber will be anything more than a role player is wishful thinking. The guy can shoot 3's and thats it. And for all you sports scientists out there, here is a little stat for you. Hoff took 220 shots this year, 164 of which (75%) were beyond the arc. He is no Sam Jacobson - not even a poor man's Sam Jacobson. More like a rich man's Swift Bird.

Dawg said...

He proved you wrong Snacks so apologize to The Hoff for being a horrible judge of talent.

Dawg said...

PS Joe you Suck and Suzy Kolber is Nasty

WWWWWW said...

Out of people who shot a lot of threes in the Big Ten, Hoff was fourth in % of attempts as three pointers behind Danny Morrissey, Craig Moore, and Justin Johnson.

What does that mean? I don't know. Something.

joe said...

More stats: Of Hoff's 164 three point attempts, 56 (about 1/3) came in the last 5 minutes of the game - probably in garbage time when they were down trying to catch up. Nice one trick pony, Dawger.

I Hate Bert Guy said...

Weee-heee-hehehehe! That is what a one trick pony (i.e. Hoff) sounds like on the internet! It is also the sound the Hoff makes when Dawg is licking the underside of his sack.

Looks like Dawg now owes Snacks an apology and gets to bunch Hoff once in his ugly face? So apologize Sid Jr.!

P.S. Joe does suck just not as much as Hoff's overall game!