Monday, April 7, 2008

Championship Game


1. Memphis wins

2. Rose and CDR once again get to the rim over and over in transition, as Kansas has no answer.

3. As easily as Russell Westbrook scored on the Tigers Saturday night, Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers will do the same as this game is dominated by the guards on both sides. Dozier, Dorsey, Taggart, Arthur, Kaun, and Jackson are relegated to mostly just rebounding and second chance points - expect possibly for Arthur who can get out and run and might be able to score on the break.

4. Cole Aldrich heads back to the bench and plays less than three minutes, if at all.

5. The game goes over the posted total of 148.5, and will be more like 160.

6. Will go pretty much down to the wire, with Memphis pulling ahead in the final minute to win 83-78.

7. Most Oustanding Player: Chris Douglas-Roberts


Dharma Bum said...

Sorry, you got the score wrong, 86-83 = 169 = Sam wins.

Bear / Nothing Could Have Made Me Happier Than To Watch Memphis Lose Guy said...

W - I'm not going to rip you for your predictions, it's absurd to think that anyone can predict what is going to happen in a single game situation. I was wondering if you could put your degenerate gambling skills to use and give me some numbers. (Better Idea, could Snacks or Bogart do it.)

1) What is the over/under on how long it will take before Memphis has to erase this season (and all Calipari seasons) from the record books.

2) What is the over/under on how long it will take J. Dorsey to be sentenced to life in prison.

3) And when he is convicted, will it be for
A) Rape?
B) Statutory Rape?
C) Possession with intent to sell?

4) When he is charged, will that really fat guy be charged as a co-conspirator?

5) When he is arrested, will he be the size of that really fat guy?

P.S. Is Rod Strickland an assistant coach for Memphis? If so, I think that says all that needs to be said about that program.

Snake said...

I also saw hot rod strickland on the bench and thought the exact same thing. I also love the assistant coach with the slicked back hair and the look of a recovering meth dealer/user.

bogart said...

To Bear:

1) 3 years

2) Never, because:

3) Statutory rape will only get him 10 years

4) Big black Memphis W will be charged as an accomplice.

5) No, no one can be that fat.

p.s. - Dawg, Hoff sucks.

johnny said...

Hey Snacks, nice call on Memphis ... or wait, did you take Kansas? Its hard to tell.

snacks said...


Well I had Kansas in my brackets, and won both of my pools for a combined $275. I think that's all that really matters at this point.

How did Louisville do again? Better luck next year Johnny. Thanks for the check though, if only I can get the rest of the deadbeats to pay up. (Snake, I'm talking to you (among others)).

Snake said...

Hey Daddy flip flopper. The check went in the mail on Saturday. It should be waiting for you this afternoon.

Bogarts right, Hoff does suck!

johnny said...

I won $900 bucks last night with the Kansas W. Thats alot of $5 bets for you to catch up to.

snacks said...

True, but with the way you piss away $100 bets, my guess is you'll be coming back my way soon enough.

johnny said...

Only if I let your brother pick games for me again.

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