Thursday, April 17, 2008

Faber: Coming Soon?

I'm a little late on this, mainly because I don't generally read Myron Medcalf, but it sounds like Krys Faber may be a Gopher soon. The late signing period began yesterday and runs through May 21. Now, Myron isn't exactly a world class source, as chronicled by From the Barn throughout the season, but still, at this point news is news.

Medcalf doesn't have a ton of information (actually, zero) but says "Since L.A. prep big man Krys Faber appears to be headed to the U of M next season" [the Gophers have no interest in Marquette transfer Trevor Mbakwe.]

Since there's no facts in there whatsoever, I took a look at Faber's page on, and found he just recently got back from a trip to DePaul and considers the Gophers and Blue Demons "neck and neck." I'm going to assume they didn't bother showing him Dumpster Arena, or there's no chance in hell he'd even consider going there. Will "Wheel" Walker is going to be back for Depaul, but that's pretty much it, so they're going to be even more garbage next year. Would be a terrible choice. However the sights and sounds of Chicago definitely influenced him. After spending the weekend in Chicago and checking out the downtown scene and places like Navy Pier and Soldier Field, he moved DePaul up to co-favorite, a position previously held by just the Gophers.

Of additional concern is the recent offer given to him by Tim Floyd and the USC Trojans. Not only is USC a better program right now, but they have a commitment from Malik Story, a good friend of Faber's. Add in the fact that Faber is from SoCal, and I have to think the Trojans are going to be right in the running. Plus, Lil Romeo is on the team.

Faber is a 6-11, 246 lb center who averaged 13 points and 13 rebounds per game last season, and would give the Gophers a very nice rotation of Sampson, Iverson, Faber, and Williams on the blocks.

In other news, the rich get richer, as Memphis signed the top unsigned player, swingman Tyreke Evans yesterday. Evans is the #6 overall player in the class, and joins #27 Angel Garcia and #47 Matt Simpkins in another stellar class for John Calipari. The Tigers are also still in the hunt for #13 Devin Ebanks and #56 Wes Witherspoon. Nice little program he's got going there, until he gets busted for cheating, that is.


snacks said...

from what I've been reading, it sounds like Faber actually wants to get out of L.A., which is a big reason USC hasn't been as high on his list.

another little wrinkle could happen today if Love declares for the draft, since its been rumored that UCLA may offer Faber if an additional scholarship opens up from Love doing so.

Anonymous said...

Zzzzz! Where did that Dawg guy go?

trevor mbakwe said...

Dawg got put into place by too many readers of this blog after all of his idiotic statements about the gophers and twins players. he realized how dumb his opinions were, tucked his tail between his legs, and retreated with his thoughts to the relative safety of his own imbalanced brain. next time he goes off on some half-baked rant, more people should agree with him to keep him going, just for the sheer comedy/entertainment factor he provides.

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This is funny.