Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock. Chalk. Gayhawk.

I can't believe there is no highlight of Mario Chalmers three pointer last night up on youtube yet. Would have been a great way to open this post. Stupid internet nerds.

First thing, congratulations to GopherLady, who won the first ever Down with Goldy NCAA Bracket Pool. Top Five below:

1. GopherLady
2. Theory
3. Sam Jacobson's All-Stars
4. Snacks
5. GopherKev

If these five would please shoot me an email at downwithgoldy@yahoo.com with their address and prize they want, I'll send them off. Prize list can be found at the bracket site.

Anyway, back to the game. How fun was that to watch? Obviously, there was a lot more inside action then I had predicted, as the perimeter defense was just way too good on both sides. Not to mention the way they got back on defense. Several times one team or the other would look like they might have a break going, but the defense would get back in time to break it up.

Kansas looked like it had the game in the bag the whole time, basically by getting the ball to Darrell Arthur and letting him destroy Taggert, Dorsey, or Dozier and by keeping Rose under control on the defensive end. Once Rose got going in the second half, it looked like Memphis had this one in the bag, but that free throw problem, which hadn't been a problem all tournament, finally came back to bit them in the ass - they missed four out of their last five attempts in regulation.

It was interesting to watch CDR and Brandon Rush, as they are competing for similar draft position (NBADraft.net has them going #17 and #18) and they were matched up on each other most of the game. CDR ended up with more points (22 on 7-16 compared to 12 on 5-9) but Rush had more rebounds (6 to 1) and assists (2-1). Most telling, however, was when they would try to go one-on-one against each other. Roberts got his shots off, but Rush stayed in front of him and they were difficult shots, usually over Rush. When Rush drove, however, he was able to go right by CDR and get to the rim. He didn't score more because Memphis's help defense was so good. I'd definitely take Rush over CDR if I'm drafting.

Overall, it was just a great, great game, one I'm happy I didn't miss. Probably the best championship game I can remember watching.

And here is this year's One Shining Moment in case you missed it:

And yes, Joey Dorsey will be in jail within three years.

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