Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday Night Twins/Angels recap

Just a few thougths on the game as it was a pretty dull game from a Twins fan's perspective.

-- Diet Boof had a rough 1st but seemed to get into a mini groove in the 2nd inning. Final line:
6 IP 8H 3ER 4Ks

-- In the 3rd, the hometown score keeper felt bad for Tori after he blew Garlands no hitter so they gave Kubel an undeserved hit, rahter then an error to Hunter.

-- Top of 4th, Everett-sy and Morneau-sy combine for a sexy defensive play (I know I stole that from DB who stole it from Dan from Woodbury but I still think its funny)

-- Bottom of 5 Chrissy Everett gets a 2 out RBI single finally putting the Twins on the board 4-1.(which was a make up for his shat throwing error in the top of 5 which lead to an unearned run)

-- During the Livan interview I discovered that his Spanglish is worse then Go-Go's. His Spanglish is slightly better then Diekembe Mutombo's Wookie dialect.

--Crain comes on to pitch the 7th and does a decent job which further demonstrates the magical healing powers of HGH. There is no way that he should be pitching like 8 months after surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.

--Delmon looked a little shaky out in left field again tonight. I guess he is having a little trouble switching OF positions. The Dome may not be aiding in his transition.

-- Delmon had another great night at the plate including a single that he stretched into a double. He should have scored at least one more time but Sidlers guy Kubel stranded 4 guys on base.

-- Jerry White decided to go with the DQ helmet giveaway rather then a baseball cap. ( I learned later in the game that base coaches have to to wear those silly things this year??? Is this little league or what?)

-- Stinky Rinky or Juan Stincon, whichever you prefer, still sucks in 2008 in case you turned the game off after the 7th inning and missed his 9th inning melt down.

All and all this game sucked. Garland forced a lot of ground balls and his defense was exceptional. The Angels offense was clicking. Howie Kendrick impressed me as did Napoli. Napoli drilled a fast ball that was low and outside deep to left center for a HR.

The Twins should hope for a split.

PS Go-Go hit the ball hard all 4 times and was swinging at good pitches.


WWWWWW said...

Rincon needs to get back on the juice.

klinger said...

1B Coach hit in head and dies = all coaches have to wear the Jon Olerud special helmet. Between this and the discussion that all NHL players should have to wear neck protection for fear of having their jugular slashed, we're really taking care of the tough issues.

klinger said...

Oops, I should clarify for this blog...NHL = National Hockey League - my apologies for wandering into this uncharted territory.

WWWWWW said...

Whatever, dude. I know all about the NHL. I used to play their video games all the time.