Monday, April 21, 2008

Punto's Back and Better Than Ever!

For all those nay sayers who said Nick Punto is washed up, what do you have to say now. Sure he has no RBI’s and sure he has no extra base hits and he has a slugging percentage that is equal to his batting average. But that batting average is sitting at .300 and he is playing the field better than Brooks Robinson ever dreamed. Put me on record as saying Gardy is an idiot for not playing Puntozy more. Also, when was the last time a utility player won a gold glove?

You can also put me on record as saying "We" need way more Punto and far less of "I am really fat and can’t catch balls that hit me right in the glove" Kubel. When I say put me on record, I am not talking about the kind of record Snacks goes on where he flip flops his way into convincing himself he made a call ;). I am talking about going on record like the Flying Dutchman back in 1986 when he called World Series during fan appreciation day. By the way Fatboy "WWWW I am talking to Kubel here, not you" nice attempt at stealing 2nd base on Saturday. That steal reminded me of the scene in Major League when Willie Mays Hayes tried stealing 2nd in spring training but comes up short of the bag. Instead of coming up short of the bag your fatass was just out by 10 feet. You should have spared yourself the embarrassment of getting tagged out and just "sprinted" to the dugout as soon as you left first base. That would have been far less embarrassing than your attempted steal...."Shit house!" By the way nice .266 average! God Kubel sucks.

I am smelling MN baseball in October!

P.S. Hoff Sucks! Eat it Dawger!

P.S.S. WWWWW congratulations on baby WWWWWW!


snacks said...

I'll take Punto over Everett any day. Everett hits as bad or worse than Punto, and for a supposed defensive whiz, looked like crap out there before he got hurt. I hope he stays hurt for a long, long time.

Kubel rocks though. God he will be one hell of a softball player when he's done with baseball in two or three years.

Snake said...

He will only rock in softball if they institute the DH. I don't think he can play D in softball either....even with 4 outfielders!

WWWWWW said...

Punto is outslugging Delmon Young. Repeat: Nick Punto is outslugging Delmon Young.

Dawg said...

Interesting tid bit.

Frank Thomas was just released by Toronto yesterday. He has 3 homers thus far this season (Twins have 0 right handed homers so far) and in 2007 managed 26 homers and 95 RBI's.

Obviously the Twins could use a big right handed bat but my question is:

1) Is Toronto on the hook for his 8M contract this season regardless or if another team picks him up do they automatically inherit his contract?

2) If the Twins did have to pick up his 8M for this year (prorated over how many games) would this 39 year old hot head be worth the gamble?

3) I would say good day to Monroe-zy (his only plus at this point is he could play some outfield if needed)and hello Frank the tank.

Happy as shit said...

Dawg is back! WHOA!!!! Let the fighting begin.

snacks said...

the problem i see with that situation is that i don't know that frank would be interested in signing to be a part-time dh. the twins have made it clear that they want Kubel to get a bunch of at-bats this year, which means once Cuddyer returns he is back to being the regular DH with Monroe spelling him when he needs days off or against particularly difficult lefties. I don't know that Thomas would sign with us unless promised more AB's, which I don't know that the Twins (right or wrong) would be willing to do.

Snake said...

The blue Jays bought out Frank's contract so the Twins would not be on the hook for his $8 million. The only way he plays in MN is if the Twins move Cuddy Bear back to the hot corner and I don't see that happening. I know it works in MLB 2008 but not in real baseball. I can't see Frank wanting to play for a .500 team, I am guessing he wants a shot a title since he is a huge loser in baseball and life in general. The only reason I want Frank in town is so I have something to heckle other than Kubel's fatass, Kubels lifetime .265 ave and Kubel's cum catcher gotee.

P.S. Joe Sucks worse than Kubel!

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Kubel so much? Who would you rather have getting his AB's? Keep focusing on his AVG, dumbass!

Snake said...

What should I focus on his gold glove Defence, maybe his huge lifetime RBI total or his great base running prowless? His below average batting average is just one of the many things to dislike about him. Plus he looks like Denny Hocking with that gay gotee so that automatically makes him suck. Please enlighten me on why I should like him??? I would rather see his AB's go to a legitament MLB outfielder or DH. Just because he is the only turd the Twins have doesn't make him a good option.

snacks said...

Before blowing out his knee in winter ball a couple of years ago, Kubel was the top rated prospect in the Twins organization and one of the top prospects in all of baseball. He tore up the minors before getting hurt and was only thought to be at full strength finally the second half of last year, when he hit .303 with 23 extra base hits in just 178 at bats. I don't know if he will pan out to be the stud he was always projected to be, or even a decent every day player, but I would much rather give him a shot at a full season of at-bats to find out than stick in Monroe or any of the little weiners the twins always bring up.

Anonymous said...

It is always important for your DH to play Gold Glove defense, I'm pretty sure that's why D. Ortiz really blossomed in Boston, he finally started to field his position well. I'm sure his inability to run the bases has really cost his team a lot of outs. Maybe the Twins should look into making a move for J. Pierre.

Let's look at the 2007 season, Kubel's first 400AB season.

Kubel v. League Average

AVG: .273 / .266
OBP: .335 / .333
SLG: .450 / .416
OPS: .785 / .749
OPS+: 109 / 100

Overall, it looks as if Kubel is more than legitimate. He probably would have had more RBI, but the Twins had only the 11th best OBP in the AL.

As for the goatee, facial hair is typically worn to mask some type of insecurity. Kubel is just trying to mask the pain he feels for the HOF career lost to knee injuries.

WWWWWW said...

In Kubel's minor league stops, his OPS+ numbers were 109, 144, 132, 115, 151, 126, and 114. Simply put, he could rake. In 2004, between AA and AAA he hit .352/.416/.590. Absolutely sick numbers.

Even after getting hurt, he's still an above average hitter. Last season's .273/.335/.450 was good enough for an OPS+ of 109, good for fifth on the team. Magglio Ordonez only OPSed 112, for comparison's sake.

More simply put, Kubel is currently an above average hitter with past performance which indicates he has the potential to become more than that.

Even more simply put, once again, Snake is a retard.

Snake said...

Your right WWWWW, the 5th best Twin statistic put me right in my place. Forget what I ever said. If your fifth best for the Twins you can "Rake".

If Kubel really wants a HOF career maybe he should mix in a salad to keep some of the weight of those fragile knees.

P.S. A guy who thought JP Losman was going to have a good season is not allowed to call anyone a retard....Retard!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Snake has enrolled in the same reading comprehension classes that Dawg is taking.

P. Meares said...

All I know is I've got a fever......and the only prescription is more Kubel!!!

Snake said...

Anonymous, would that be the reading class that taught me to take this comment "Last season's .273/.335/.450 was good enough for an OPS+ of 109, good for fifth on the team." Then rolls it into this rebuttal "the 5th best Twin statistic put me right in my place. Forget what I ever said. If your fifth best for the Twins you can "Rake"."

It looks like someone else should think about taking a reading comprehension class.

WWWW, I am taking away your retard tag and placing it on Anonymous.

We need more dawg and far less anonymous!

Captain Obvious said...

anonymous =(ashamed)Dawg
Come on you couldnt figure that out.

WWWWWW said...

Snake -

Clearly, you skipped this part, "More simply put, Kubel is currently an above average hitter with past performance which indicates he has the potential to become more than that."

Learn to read. If anything is inaccurate there, feel free to add "slightly" before "above average."

I swear to god you get dumber by the day.

Anonymous said...

I need to take a class to help me comprehend that mess you typed. That is not a rebuttal.

The question is still unanswered, who would you rather give his AB to?

Snake said...

WWWWW, What the hell are you even talking about. The guy tore up AA and AAA four years ago??? Who gives a shit. When he does something in the Major leagues come talk to me about his greatness. You also lost all credibility when you compared him to Magglio. You sound like Sid Hartman but less intelligent.

Bear, I clearly stated I would rather see his AB's go to a legitimate MLB outfielder OR DH. That is when you started rambling about Ortiz fielding the ball and running the bases. Once again, look into that reading comprehension class. Who would you rather see DH or play outfield? Wait, I forgot you just ride snacks coattails and run with his takes! P.S. This is a private arguement;)

WWWWWW said...

Wow, I'm dumb. Ordonez OPSed 167 last year. He was 112 the year before.

Bear said...

We've established that Kubel is a legitimate OF and could be a good DH. I would rather have B. Bonds taking those AB's, but that's not an option, so I'll stick with Kubel.

I should have stated that I meant Kubel's inability to run the bases was causing his team outs. The point is this, if you can hit, it doesn't matter if a player can field or run. Kubel has potential to hit and given that this team is preparing for 2010, they might as well see if he can.

P.S. I saw C. Monroe go yard.

P.P.S. WWWWWW - You are not only dumb, you're a fag.

P.P.P.S. Kubel is up as I type this, frozen rope to center and singled in the go-ahead run. Clutch!

snacks said...

yeah I saw that! Kubel ripped that one for the game winner! Suck on that Snake!

Snake said...

Kubel= Poor mans Monroe! After last night he is who I want to DH!