Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Grandslam is back with some extra words for Masters Week:


Well last week there was a first time PGA tour winner in the likes of Johnson Wagner. Wagner a former alumn of Va. Tech won his first tournament, thus giving him his first ever trip to Augusta. Normally i might make a big deal of this, but blah blah blah.

I hope all of you have your office pools ready for this weeks tournament. Did everyone know that this week the tour will head down Magnolia lane to Augusta National Golf Club for the 74th playing of The Masters. This may be the greatest weekend on earth to sit on your ass and watch golf (at least that's what i will be partaking in)

I think the best part of this year's tournament, is that for the first time in the coverage of The Master's is that they will be televising the Par 3 tournament on ESPN. I see highlights year after year and have always wondered why they never have shown this, but this year we will see the PGA Tour's version of a game of darts. In last years tournament first time major winner Zach Johnson won with a score of -1 which equaled the highest ever 4 day total for the tournament. Zach Johnson had an interesting strategy last year, not going for a single par 5 in two all week long. Although many questioned his game plan, come sunday afternoon it would appear that this was the right thing to do.

Yes, we have seen many long hitters win this tournament recently with the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Vijay Singh, but The Masters is a tournament where a good ball striker with the right game plan can sneak up on anybody which Johnson was evidence of last year. Lately the scores at The Masters have resembled scores of the second major of the year The US Open. I would pretty much say this is the toughest test of golf the players will see all year. You have to drive your golf ball not only straight, but with alot of length. If you don't you will be in some pretty deep rough, and your distance control is a must at Augusta because these will be the toughest greens the players will see all year, and I will guarantee that whether its putting or chipping/pitching around the greens.

They have done alot within the last ten years to change this course. They have lengthened the course by almost 600 yds, they have made the fairways more narrow and very fast, and of course making the greens lightning fast. Back then the shortest players on tour could still reach #13 and #15 in two, now there are only a select few that will do this on a regular basis. Unlike the US Open, the Masters will challenge every club in your bag for the week. If the weather is hot and dry this week, look for the scores to resemble last years tournament.

One thing that i look forward to, as i do year after year is who is gonna be right there, but just won't win it. With the likes of Greg Norman, David Duval, Johnny Miller (although i hate that bastard)and Ernie Els, its seems almost every year there is drama right up to the 72nd hole which makes this the most exciting tournament to view.

The other story that will intrigue me this week is can the #1 player in the world Tiger Woods win the first major of the year and possibly win the Career Grand Slam in one season?? Of course Tiger will be the favorite this week, next week, basically every tournament he tees it up in. However this week, although i see him being right there at the end, I don't think he wins this week. My pick to click this week is Geoff Ogilvy. The reason being he has really been on a roll that last month or so, but not only that but I think he's got the perfect game for Augusta. He drives the ball long and straight, he has a wonderful short game, a decent putter, but most importantly he probably hits the highest long irons on tour which is a must to play well at Augusta with the fast hilly greens.

I would love to give you a pick of "my sleeper of the week", but its just too hard. I know for a fact that there will be a name on top the leaderboard that many of you have never heard of, but more than likely come Saturday afternoon that name will fade, I just don't know who that is.

Everyone enjoy the greatest week of golf that we get to see every year. Peace Out!!!



johnny said...

Whats the deal, its been about two days and no new comments on DWG? I don't come to this site to read the articles. Snacks, does someone need to bad mouth you in order to post a comment?

snacks said...

Actually I was thinking about bad mouthing anyone related to Minnesota sports, since Dawg takes those as personal offenses for some reason. Nothing gets the board going like an incoherent rant from Dawg.

WWWWWW said...

Kirby Puckett was a fatass who would have actually turned out to be a decent player if he had any idea of what the strike zone was.

Good thing for him the Hall of Fame voters took pity on a blind pervert and let him, even though he didn't have the actual numbers to back it up.

Bear said...

Pervert? That's being kind, he was a rapist and a wife beater. I like the story about the time Kirby was strangling Tonya with a phone cord, with Kirby Jr. watching.

P.S. Kiss my ass Blake Hoffbauer, you suck!

The Todd said...

How about Carl Eller! My hero. I just caught the news report and the officers claimed he had superhuman strength. They tased him 4 times with no effect. The guy is 66 years old and still roughed up 3 officers. All after leading them on a chase back to his house, pulling into his garage and refusing to get out.

Anonymous said...

Kirby Jr. Wasn't just watching...Tonya was actually holding him so Jr. got to look right into the old mans face and see the rage in his one good eye!

Did youever see the white woman Kirby was shagging behind his wife's back??? Kirby must have had two bad eye's because that bitch was fugly!

r. becker said...

I've got a fever......and the only prescription is more Kubel!!!!!!!

Grandslam said...

how about some golf comments you fucking butt plugs.

Tonya Puckett said...

"Vrooooom, Vroooooom. Thats the sound the Bear's Nascar edition OaklandA's hat makes before getting fired up to savage on this blog."

Grandslam- Your sport sucks more than your posts. The only thing interesting that ever happens in golf is when they show Tigers hot wife or Faldo jumps on this blog and calls you a Douche Bag. Just be happy people are actually writing under one of you posts.

P.S. You guys are kidding about Kubel right? Just what we need, another .290 slap hitter who can't run! Please, please give us more of that. dipshits!

WWWWWW said...

Here's your golf comment, why the holy hell isn't the Masters even on TV until 3pm? What a bunch of crap and a total waste.

Golf channel has some highlight show of their reality show on, and ESPN has Sportscenter for the 8th time this morning. Gay.

c. hale said...

slap hitter my ass! Did you see that granny last night? Leading the TWins with 2 hr, 8 rbi, and an .824 OPS! More KUBEL More KUBEL More KUBEL!

l. westwood said...

All of you who are in the fantasy golf league are a bunch of unoriginal, stupid, sheep. A couple of idiot previewers who probably know as little about golf as grandslam talk about Freddie Couples as a big sleeper and almost everyone in the league starts him? You really think the old man's back will hold up? please. I will smoke him by 5 strokes today.

Tonya Puckett said...

Chip- Your right, Kubel has 2 home runs so he must be more than a slap hitter. Your an Idiot and Kubel sucks. Also, "Give me more Kubel???" WTF loser!

L. Westwood- Surely you must be kidding. You don't think F. Couples can win the masters??? Anyone who started that buick driving old man should be banned from anything related to Golf. Couples has the same chance of winning the Masters as Grandslam has getting someone to write under his post without begging.

Snacks- Do you have any bold predictions to make this week. I was thinking you should go out on a limb and say you think either Tiger Woods or the field is going to win the Masters. Then you can jump back on the board next week and tell us how you called it.

Bear- Who are you picking to win this weeks Nascar event? Vroom-wrooom!

P.S. My dead husband still hits harder that kubel. Kubel eats ass and not in good way!

WWWWWW said...

Feel free to think Kubel sucks, but he's not a slap hitter.

Couples has as good a chance as anyone out of group C. He's been playing well and has had some Masters success recently.

Niclas Fasth was the play though.

Holy Hell said...

wwww- kubel isnt a slaphitter so what is he a powerhitter?
You are such a moron.

WWWWWW said...

I was unaware there were only two classifications for hitters available. My apologies.

Are you sure you know what slaphitter means?

Holy Hell said...

phhh....yeah of course I know what it means. what do I look like a total dipshit like that Dawgger guy?
He really dropped off the earth fast. As they say if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen and that is exactly what he did. Loser

GS said...

You guys all suck and are a bunch of idiots!!! And quit fucking talking about baseball in my posts. I'm sorry that all of you are uninformed dumbass' when it comes to golf. I'm pondering resigning and going to another site.

Bear said...

Oh no, not that, anything but that!

snacks said...

grandslam, maybe if you didn't suck so bad at fantasy golf, your opinions would be more respected around here. You didn't even set your lineup this week! p.s. go Lee Westwood!

I HATE KUBEL said...

um for one don't talk smack about Kirby!
he was amazing!
and another thing..people just get over it!
he sucks more than anyone ever possibly could!