Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Have a Small Window

With baby and momma taking a nap, I actually have an opportunity to write some things. I know, you've missed me. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better. Anyway,

1. I don't watch a whole lot of the NBA. It bores me to be honest with you. However the playoffs are a different story. I haven't seen much, what with having a new baby and all, but it seems to be a pretty good year so far. The Suns/Spurs game 1 may have been the greatest game one of all-time, and there are just a lot of good young players and intriguing teams these days, although it's looking like Tracy McGrady is the new KG. Looking both at regular season stats, as well as games I've been able to watch, if I'm starting a new franchise Chris Paul is my first pick, and it's not even close.

2. The first ever post on DWG was on April 6, 2007 - which means DWG is officially over one year old. I think we've gotten better. The extra writers, a lot more banter, and just overall a more fun atmosphere these days. I like it. So thanks.

3. Lots and lots of debate about Jason Kubel. Check the comments section of the post below this one for a lot of the comments. My main comment was, "In Kubel's minor league stops, his OPS+ numbers were 109, 144, 132, 115, 151, 126, and 114. Simply put, he could rake. In 2004, between AA and AAA he hit .352/.416/.590. Absolutely sick numbers.

Even after getting hurt, he's still an above average hitter. Last season's .273/.335/.450 was good enough for an OPS+ of 109, good for fifth on the team. [REDACTED]

More simply put, Kubel is currently an above average hitter with past performance which indicates he has the potential to become more than that."

And that's exactly right. The guy was an all-star caliber hitter in the minor leagues before he got hurt. He had a pretty decent year last year, and is doing ok so far this year. I see no reason at all to give his ABs this year to any of the other crap-factory players on the Twins' bench. That being said, he's not exactly all-world, but he is serviceable. If he can raise his game and give them something like .290/.350/.500, which is not a far cry from last season, he becomes a high caliber weapon. Basically, he has an upside of Matt Stairs with a downside of Matthew LeCroy.

4. Last thing quick is, in case you missed it, Shaun Alexander was released by Seattle today. Damn, dude, that guy fell off in a hurry. Very Vanilla-ice like. The fact that he is only on the hook for $4.4 million next season, and that they are comfortable going into next year with career backup TJ Duckett and perpetual disappointment Julius Jones speak volumes. And this coming from a guy who has him on my keeper league team and apparently held on to him for one season too long. That being said, he could be a good gamble for a team who can get him on the cheap. I doubt he has anything left in the tank. Watching him last year was like watching an old man try to order soup at a deli. Even so, could be worth a gamble.

5. Having a baby is hard.

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