Friday, April 11, 2008

Gerbe, Gerbe, Gerbe!!!

The 2008 Frozen Four Championship game is all set. The Final will match Boston College against Notre Dame. Boston College will be playing in their 3rd consecutive championship game (they lost the last two) while Notre Dame will be playing in their 1st championship game in school history.

So how did they get here? Boston College got to the championship game be completely, and I do mean completely dominating the University of North Dakota. If this was a high school game they would have started running time about halfway through the 2nd period. The two big difference makers in this game where Nathan Gerbe and Philly Lamerioux. Gerbe completely dominated the game and was so impressive that a gitty Bear called my just before the first intermission and was almost giggling uncontrollably as he described the Sioux ass raping Gerbe was administering. Gerbe finished the game (actually the first two periods) with three goals and 1 assist.

The other star of the game was Lamerioux, North Dakota's buffoon goalie. He was so remarkably bad in this game that wrote an article last night titled "sieve, sieve, sieve.",15683/SieveSieveSieve.html. I can't think of a better way for one of the biggest pricks in all of college hockey to end his career. Thanks for the lasting memory frenchy! One last Lamerioux note, in his last two frozen four games Lamerioux has allowed 12 goals...ouch. Briggs was better than that!

This game also places the great coach Hakstol right up on top of the list of greatest choke jobs of all time. 4 straight trips to the frozen four and nothing but participation medals for his efforts. Don't forget this was also suppose to be "the greatest" Sioux team in 25 years and the mouth breather still couldn't get it done. Banners hung in Mariucci the last four years =4. Banners hung in the Nazi bunker the last four years =1. Hakstol equals Doug Woog without the class and personality. And the answer is yes, I do take pleasure in others misery!

On a sad note, this will most likely be the last time sexy TJ Oshie laces up his skates in a college hockey game. God I am going to miss watching that sexy son of a bitch glide up and down the ice!

The other semi-final game pitted #1 ranked Michigan against Notre Dame. Notre Dame raced out to a 3 goal lead before Michigan battled back and tied the game 4-4. The game went into overtime before Frosh Calle Ridderwall scored the game winner. To be brutally honest, I could really careless about this game. I woke this morning and felt like a million dollars because of the gift Boston College gave me last night. If your interested the Championship game will be played tomorrow night on ESPN. My National Championship came last night so I don't really care what happens Saturday. I am going to pick Boston College to beat Notre Dame 4-2. I just can't see Gerbe being stopped. Go Eagles...Caw-Caw-Caw!


Anonymous said...

If you ever find yourself in an elevator with Senator Craig and TJ Oshie, Urine trouble!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when Dawg wrote that the Twins should have signed B. Colon instead of Livan? Another great call by Dawg.

P.S. Hoffbauer sucks. He is the collegiate basketball version of Jean-Philippe Lamoureux.

P.P.S. Is there anything more nauseating than the Wild broadcast team? Dawg must love these homersoda drinking idiots.

cuddy bear said...

I remember that. Dawg is a dumbass! He probably thinks Jason Kubel is a slap hitter too!

Anonymous guys are gays said...

P.S. Hoffbauer sucks. He is the collegiate basketball version of Jean-Philippe Lamoureux????

Wasn't Lamoureux considered one of the top 10 players in college hockey??? Idiot!

Holy Hell said...

Whose name is Jean Phillpe? What is that french or something? What an asshole.

Anonymous said...

He's not even one of the 10 best goalies in the Dakotas, he just played behind a very good team. There is a reason a French-Canadian goalie is playing college hockey in the U.S., he sucks, and so does Hoff.

mayor of grand forks said...

Anonymous - You must not want to sign your name to such ignorant statements.

1) Jean Phillipe is a dirty beat farmer born and raised in Grand Forks and attended Grand Forks Central.

2) You compared a top flight goalie to a middle of the road shooting guard????

3) You are by far the worst sports mind on this entire blog.

Please check your facts before you start running your idiotic mouth.

Former Mayor of Grand Forks said...

WWWWWW- Can you explain when stats are pertinent to discussions and when they are not. You, Siddler and the rest of the geek squad continue to beat all your points home with meaningless stats. Then this anonymous idiot comes along and says that Lamerioux's stats don't mean anything because he played behind a good team. Are stats only pertinent to certain arguments or is Anonymous as dumb as he sounds?

Grand Forks Police Dept. said...

T.J Oshie is a Hoodlum.

WWWWWW said...

Some stats matter more than others.