Sunday, April 6, 2008

Semifinal Review

Unfortunately, the location I was in yesterday during the games was not the most conducive to reviewing basketball, but I was still able to watch quite a bit and can give you some thoughts. I'm sure you're thrilled.

- I was wrong. Nobody can stop Derrick Rose. I've pretty much underrated him most of the year. No more. Despite the Jayhawks' athletic guards and good defense, they won't have an answer for Rose either. I would still take Beasley over him in the NBA draft, but you can't go wrong either way. Really depends on team needs, and for the Wolves I think Beasley is more what the need.

- That Memphis/UCLA game was a game for athletes, and nothing symbolized that more than CDR's dunk over Kevin Love, see below:

Except it wasn't really even over Love, because it didn't have to be. CDR (the athlete) had the body control and ability to swerve around him in mid-drive and hit the dunk anyway, while Love (the non-athlete) couldn't get there quite in time, and when he did was completely irrelevant to the play, other than trying to take a Chris Paulus-like dive. It pretty much symbolized the whole game. The guys who played well for UCLA were their best athletes Russell Westbrook and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. I would put Collison in that athletic group too, but he couldn't get it going at all. Meanwhile guys like Shipp and Love struggled, and the Bruins had no answer on defense for CDR or Rose, or the Memphis fastbreak in general. Pretty much a thorough ass-kicking.

- I won $43 rolling dice with Theory, Dr. Acula, and Pee Wee. Go me.

- I don't know that I've ever seen a team play better than Kansas last night, particularly the opening 8 minutes in jumping out to a 33-10 lead. Offensively they were perfect, and defensively they were perfect. It was such a thorough beating that senior peon Jeremy Case even got to play in the first half.

- Cole Alrich is a beast. Played a season-high in minutes last night, scoring 9 points and grabbing 8 rebounds in the final four. Nice. That was his second highest scoring game of the year, and third highest in rebounds. More importantly, he smacked Hansbrough around and kept him off his game, helping to limit him to just thirteen shots while Ellington and Green kept chucking from the outside. They got hot for a bit and made a game of it, but taking away Hansbrough made the game an easy KU win. With Kaun and Jackson graduating this year, and Arthur probably 50/50 to enter the draft, Aldrich is going to be a key for the Jayhawks next year, and will be an absolute stud.

- Early Prediction: Kansas takes the final. But it's going to be a hell of a game.


snacks said...

I dedicate this post to Dawg and Johnny:

From WWWWW's post on the opening day of the tournament from Sensor's - "11:48 - Snacks guarantees the final game will be Kansas vs. Memphis, because they are the most talented teams. Completely discounting coaching, fundamentals, and well, everything other than talent. If talent was all that mattered, Rico Tucker would be the player of the year, but he's received terrible coaching. No way Memphis makes the final game. And I'm a Memphis fan. No. Way."

Suck on that dipshits!

johnny said...

Impressive, you picked two No. 1 seeds in the Finals. You (and 20 million other people) must be a genius. F'n douche.

dawg said...

Waffler - We already knew that you love to take credit for things that you pick correctly. It doesn't change the faxt that you are too arrogant to admit when your picks/player assessment shat the bed.