Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Royce White is a Mutha F-ing Gopha!

Tubby landed a bona fide super star, blue chip recruit. Yeah Royce had some minor indiscretions involoving a little harmless classroom peak a boo at another kids test and an alleged tossing of a teachers lap top into the garbage can, but who really cares. If needed, Boagart will provide the legal representation. Sorry Snacks but he will probably need a real lawyer.

Royce is ranked the #32 top prospect in 2009. He is also ranked the #9 Small forward for 2009.

This is a great follow up to a superb 2008 recruiting class that included 3 top 100 recruits and 2 junior college studs.

Next on Tubby's 2009 wish list will be:

DaShonte Riley, Center, 5 star recruit, 6-10 220 lbs, Detroit
Mfon Udofia, Point Guar, 4 star recruit, 6-2 180 lbs, Georgia
Johnnie Lacy, Point Guard, 4 star reruit, 5-10 160 lbs, Milwaukee (would be huge to steal from Bo's back yard)
Rodney Williams, SG/SM, 4 star recruit, 6-6 185 lbs, Birdtown USA (aka Robbinsdale)

I could see Royce's decision influencing Rodney's decision to become a gopher. DaShonte Riley is most likely a one and done player. However his talent would be welcomed with loving arms as his talent would be complimentary to all of the other pieces already in place. His arrival and imminient departure would not set the program back ala Kris Humphries.

Congrats Tubby on another awesome recruit. Can't wait for 2008 and beyond!


WWWWWW said...

Hell yes. Terrific news. I have no doubt there will be the contigent who hate this signing because of "character issues", but those people are losers. Seriously, stop being such a loser, loser.

Snake said...

Does he have an academic issues getting kicked out of school or is he in the clear?

Gardy Hoffarber said...

He's all clear and enrolled at Hopkins. He is eligible to play the 2008-2009 season.

Anonymous said...

royce is a stud, great get, curious to see how he plays next year with 3 bonafide DI kids around him. when he was playing at the D he was a black hole; that won't fly at hopkins, with cowels, williams, and brohammer!! to bad RWJR will not be a gopher as he will not be eligble next year and will end up in prep school. just my thoughts!

minnemike said...

This signing has me a little worried. Don't get me wrong, I want this program and these kids to do well, but I'm already a little skeptical as to what this program's new motivation is. We have to remember these are STUDENT athletes, students first, athletes second.

I'm just worried that signing these kids that have academic issues and discipline problems in high school might become real problems when they step on to the University campus.

Winning is important, but we all know what happened here a decade ago, and we've seen what has happened to programs like Michigan and UNLV in the past. I think everyone would agree that we don't want that to happen here. We've already seen that the men's hockey program doesn't care about academics, they have the lowest graduation rate in Div. 1 hockey. I just hope that Tubby doesn't go down the same road that Lucia seems to be traveling on. I know it sounds awfully presumptuous and cynical, but I think in today's world of college athletics, we've all earned that right.

I guess I'm just old-fashioned. Hopefully, I'm dead wrong.

Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your college basketball articles and tidbits, especially about the Maroon and Gold.

Go Gophers!

snacks said...

Minnemike - I've got a sneaking hunch that Tubby knows more about Royce White's character than you do. I'm going to go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt.

c. haskins said...

Really?? You care if Royce White graduates or not? I for one am a gopher basketball fan, and I want to see a winning product. I couldn't give two shits less what the graduation rate is.

Would you rather they recruit a bunch of straight A students who can't play and we dwell at the bottom of the big ten with Northwestern? Get real.

Why don't you head over to the IT program or the Carlson school and cheer on some kids while they take tests if you are so interested in good grades and graduation rates. They are here to entertain us with their basketball ability, not their schooling.

All that matters is that Tubby runs a clean program and gets the best possible players to win a bunch of games for the U. What those kids choose to do with their opportunity to get a high quality, free education is up to them and is not something we as fans should be concered with (or have any right to be concerned with for that matter). I (and most fans) just want them to win games.

bogart said...

Sorry to change the subject, but what's the chatter in MN on the Jared Allen trade? Also, W congrats on lower case w.

Anonymous said...

i go to gopher basketball games to watch good basketball and good basketball players: there hasn't been much of either as of late. but i absolutely do not go to gopher basketball games to watch student athletes play basketball. i would hope the kids do well in the class room, but i would rather they do well on the court. if i wanted to go watch "student athletes" compete i would go watch track,cross country, orswimming and diving.

Anonymous said...

Royce White is a good kid, he was caught cheating a couple of times, who wasn't in HS. His academics are in order, and everything i have heard is he's a good kid, but made a few poor chioces, but nothing severe.

snacks said...

Re: Jared Allen, it seems pretty positive. With the Vikings horrid luck in drafting defensive ends in the first round (erasmus james, udeze, derrick alexander) and I guess first round picks in general (troy williamson) everyone is pretty happy giving up a first rounder and a couple of other picks to get a legit star defensive end. I've heard chatter that this was the piece they were missing for a truly elite defense.

I think everyone is still wary of throwing around the "super bowl" word simply because of questions about Tarvaris, because all the other pieces seem to be there. The attitude seems generally upbeat though, because we've all seen teams with mediocre qb's get to and even win the super bowl.

hell, i'll be satisfied if they just make it to the playoffs, which they *should* be able to do with the roster they've put together.

Confused? said...

Wasn't Adrian Peterson a 1st rounder?

PS What does *should* mean? It sounds like something somebody would say to later retract their previous prediction or claim they are a genius if the prediction holds true. Whats that word for that again?

Tubtastic said...

Royce is a great pick up. I could care less about his issues even if was picked up skipping school while watching Superbad, ripped out of his gord, buying tricks from a transvestite prostitute. Here's an idea: Deal with any of his supposed "character issues" once he gets to college. If they are a problem address them or boot him off the team. For now, he's just a kid. If my teachers knew what I was doing when I was at college at the U of M I wouldn't have been able to join the freakin' cribbage team. Kids screw up all the time. As long as he qualifies for college, he's a "student-athlete." Suck it.

minnemike said...

Unfortunately I'm not surprised by the reactions I've received. I want to first state that I am not accusing any of the players, recruits, and especially Royce, of any wrongdoing.

I am just being cautiously optimistic regarding the newfound recruiting ability of the previously dormant basketball and football programs. We have already heard whispers about some of the incoming football recruits and now we hear, albeit minor, a couple of things about Royce. I'm sure he will be fine and I hope he will, but I'm going to error on the side of caution.

I do have to take offence to one thing. This is first and foremost a university, a learning institution. I want this team to do well, to play for Big 10 championships, but I am not a win at all costs fan. This is a public university and the players' scholarships are paid for with public dollars, we have the right to demand that the players, current and future, don't sully the name of our school like the disgraceful Clem Haskins did.

I don't want to be to much of a downer, Tubby did take a giant leap with this team last season, only a couple of wins away from the "Big Dance." (could you believe that?) I'm really optimistic about the future of the team, I hope that Tubby brings the same passion, excitement, and class that has developed on the other side of the river.

Go Gophers!

WWWWWW said...

Mike -

I hope you have a thick skin, because I have a feeling you're going to get ripped pretty hard here by some of our regulars.

I would agree about recruiting violations and scandals. Nobody wants that, it kills the program and sets you back further than the cheating brings you forward. Hopefully we never see that again.

As far as players graduating, I truly care not one bit. These players have a skill, which nets them a free education. It is up to them what they do with it, and I confess I see no reason whatsoever why that should be a metric Tubby is judged on. He's here to win basketball games, not to get young men graduated. That's on their shoulders.

I don't think it will be an issue. Tubby has always been known for running a clean program, and I trust him to make good decisions, but to win first and foremost.

Bear said...

Here is how mind-numbingly stupid D. Bremer is. When speaking of Jack Cust he said, "... he doesn't quite seem to fit into Oakland's scheme here, they like contact guys, guys who take a lot of pitches, draw a lot of walks..."

In 2007

OBP: .408 / 12th in MLB
OPS: .912 / 24th in MLB
HR: 26 / T37th in MLB
P/PA: 4.40 2nd in MLB

I think that he would fit into any team's scheme, especially the A's. Scratch that, he wouldn't fit into Snake's, he only hit .256.

Snake said...

Minnemike- The gophers hockey team is effected more by kids leaving the program early than poor students. Lucia has a long record of players with academic success at CC and U. The only academic issues that have come up are WWWWW's guy Mike Carman. Carman also got his act together and became eligible again. Also Two years ago UND and St. Cloud where near the bottom of the WCHA, in that stupid scale they use to measure grades. The majority of Gopher players also come from upper class families where kids are getting descent high school educations, so they are not academically challenged coming into school like some inner city b-ball players might be.

Lucia could recruit a bunch of student athletes who will play 4 years and graduate but I am guessing he would end up back in Fairbanks after a couple seasons of that.

Like WWWWW said, it is up to the student to get a degree not the coach. The coach needs to win games and make sure his players represent school (not go to jail) well. The school doesn't even care if players graduate, they want to win games and make money.

Bear- Cust wouldn't fit into my team because I hate cheaters. The only reason those numbers are so high is because he was on the juice. Cust eats ass. His hat also looks funny, it looks like a nascar driver! Bremer is a retarded genius!

Snake said...

Cust would not only be off my team I wouldn't even have him as a bullpen catcher with his stats right now. .161 average, .250 SLG and "most importantly" an OPS+ of 78. Looks like someone needs BALCO asap!

Cust = Shitbox Royale! Did I mention he wears a funny nascar looking hat?

Joe said...

1)Cust = Poor mans Brady Anderson

2)Dick Bremer = Baseball genius.

3)Suzie Kolber IS hot!

I hope you will at least man up and apologize to Dick Bremer.

PS You forgot one of Cust's 2007 stats. K's = 164. Ouch!

Bear said...

Oddly enough, you two idiots are missing the fucking point.

Bear said...

Dawg - I was just wondering if one of the things that Gardy forgot (for those who don't know or remember, Gardy has forgot more about baseball than I, or anyone of you, will ever know) was when the right time is to call up a pitcher who is trying to make a comeback to Tommy John surgery.

Most intelligent/rational baseball people would have left him in the minors to work out his problems instead of working them out in the majors. I'm sure it was a simple mistake, it's probably difficult to keep track of everything that is going on in that Pentium Processor that he calls a brain. Every once in awhile he is going to forget something simple like that, it happens.

I probably shouldn't criticize him, it is rude of me, a simpleton, to criticize a tortured baseball genius like Gardy. I'm sorry Gardy!

P.S. I know the A's started a Lefty today, but when Mauer doesn't catch, why can't he DH? Are 4-5 PA really that taxing on a body. There I go again, God I'm so stupid! Note to self, just shut up!

Bill Smith said...

Bear - When did Gardy get promoted to General Manager? Last time I checked the GM is responsible for player call ups, demotions, free agent signings, contract negotiations, etc.

It also won't be Gardy's call when Liriano is sent back to the minors and Slowey is called up.

Bear said...

Bill - Do you really think that Gardy and Smith don't work together on call-ups and demotions? Get a clue! Thanks for enlightening me on the other aspects of a GM's job, I wasn't sure.

If you want, I'll play it your way.

Bill Smith sure has forgotten a lot about baseball too. He got fleeced on the Santana deal, signed the left side of the Astro's infield, and called up Liriano way to early. So far that dipshit is 0-3. I'm really going to feel bad for their wives when dementia sets in on them. Forgetful sons of bitches.

Dawg said...

Bill Smith also traded Bartlett and Garza for Delmon, Harris and Pridie. Signed Livan on a Prayer (which looks pretty good so far, but its early) and signed Morneau, Cuddyer and Nathan to long term deals. I would say he's off to a pretty good start. 3-3.

I concede. Bear you are MUCH smarter then Bill Smith and Gardy combined. I'm sorry that I ever doubted your baseball expertise. hehehehe.

Bear said...

I'm not saying I'm MUCH smarter than them ... just a little. Just don't give them that much credit, they aren't as smart as most fans think they are, and certainly not as smart as they think they are.

P.S. hehehehe - Are you fucking kidding me?

Dawg said...

Bear - We get it you are a genius. I know you've had lots of in depth conversations about baseball with GM's and managers and thats how you've developed your complete lack of respect for what they do. Because surely you wouldn't be so brash as to call these professionals incompetent while the closest you get to the sport of baseball is sprawled out on your couch with a bag of chips in one hand and the remote in the other.

Anonymous said...

Dawg, quit picking on Bear. He is clearly smarter than anyone posting on here (even though he puts an apostrophe in the word Astros, among many grammatical errors). His IQ is so high, he could split it in half, get into Harvard Law, and use the rest to help the less fortunate. Please keep posting, Bear; we need you.

Bear said...

So a person can only criticize someone of the same profession or a person of a profession with whom said person has "had lots of in depth conversations" with. I've never been anywhere near Washington D.C., a President, Senator, or Congressman, but I'm sure it's perfectly acceptable for me to criticize any one of them.

Anonymous - It takes a lot of courage to completely patronize someone under anonymity. Nice misuse of the semicolon, stupid fuck!

minnemike said...

Don't worry about me WWWWWW, I can hold my own. I've noticed that everyone is a little more tenacious and extra tough when sitting behind a computer. Although, things sure do get a little heated over here.

I probably should have stated my position a little more clearly. It is 100% on the players to graduate, it is certainly not the coach's responsibility. In todays world, where these student athletes have been coddled since the 5th grade, the least they should be able to do is to get themselves to class and keep their grades up. I have to admit that I wasn't aware that the NCAA used such a strange way to calculate graduation rates, it seems a little odd to me.

My problem with modern day college athletics is that schools let in too many athletes that don't care about the school. They don't care if they disgrace it's name or if their cheating, rule breaking, or law breaking will endanger the future of their school's program.

As a fan and an alum, I felt completely embarrassed by the Gangelhoff incident, even though that had more to do with a scumbag coach, the players still knew that what they were doing was wrong, and it disgraced the entire university. More recently, Dominic Jones and his thug friends gave the University and football program an enormous black eye. Another incident that bothers me (and apparently I'm one of the few) was when players on the hockey team were caught red-handed drinking underage and neither the University, Maturi, or Lucia did anything about it. In fact, they all blamed the bar and KMSP for having the audacity to even report the story. I feel that the University and Maturi turned and looked the other way because Lucia had just won those two championships. (I'm sure Lucia prays every night that nothing like that happens again, given that he can't even get to the Frozen Four anymore, the University's actions might be a little different.)

In the end I hope all of my paranoid thoughts are just that, paranoid thoughts. I hope every team that competes for the University becomes/stays a winner.

Go Gophers!

Anonymous said...

sounds like RWJR has or will be giving his verbal to play alongside royce at the U. that was the buzz at the magic tournament this weekend at bloomington jefferson.

17U champs mn magic elite, lead by one of SLP's own (10-7-5) in the title game and a kid from Eastview, remember the name Carlos Emory.

16U champs, TNL also has an SLP kid.

Havn't heard how RW and RWJR faired this weekend in vegas, but they were missing dylan hale (central) who was at the mr basketball banquet being recognized as a top junior along with 4 others who were not in vegas or playing elsewhere.

congrats JT on Mr.Basketball, boy would he look good in marron in gold; hope he plays really well in wisky and i wish him all he best but i hope they lose every game depsite his huge numbers!!!

dawg said...

Thanks for the insider info. That would be great news in my opinion having seen Rodney play. He is a game changer no doubt.

Anonymous said...

game changer yes!!!good student, nope, hope he gets it all straightend out and can join the gophers right out of HS and not have to take his services to prep school. Cooper should be 1 of the favorites to make it to state agian next year.

Dawg said...

Honestly the student angle on Rodney is far fetched. His alleged 1.9 GPA was from his Sophmore year. My sources indicate that his grades improved this year.

Being a graduate of Cooper I can say for certain that you basically just need to show up and you will get B's. Mix in some summer school where the teachers mail it in and he will have his 2.0 GPA and a 19 on his ACT's or whatever the low standard is to get into the U (for athletes).

Al Nolen was in a similiar situation but put in the work to get himself eligible.

I would say cut him some slack and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

oh i am without a doubt hoping for the best; id love to have him in uniform and playing in 09. but from what i have heard from area coaches is he is going to be cutting it close academically, but he has time to get it figured out; i'm keeping my fingers crossed.