Friday, April 4, 2008

Stuff about Things

1. First and foremost, the final four kicks off tomorrow. With all the hubbub about baseball starting up, I haven't spent much time thinking about it. But really, there's not much to think about. You have the four best teams in the country left, so it's not really even about matchups at this point, it's more about how well the teams play and execute. I think UCLA will take down Memphis and Kansas stops UNC.

I'm not sure why in the first game. I even had in the scrolling text up above that I was picking Memphis, but not anymore. I think Love will get Dorsey in foul trouble early, and I think Westbrook/Collison can handle Rose. CDR is the guy I'm worried about, not sure how they'll handle him. As far as the Bruins go, I think Love will destroy Dorsey by out smarting him, and their overall defense will slow down Memphis. Remember, just because UCLA generally plays a slower game doesn't mean they don't have the athletes to handle a team like Memphis - they do. Memphis also won't have Andre Allen, who got kicked off the team for smoking the ganj, a top defensive player.

In the second game, two of the worst big game coaches square off. Kansas has certainly looked more vulnerable in the tournament so far, but I think they have exactly what is needed to take down the Heels. Big men to handle Hansbrough (Arthur and Jackson), somebody quick enough to deal with Lawson (Chalmers, Collins, and Robinson), good defense (#3 defensive efficiency), the ability to run with the heels (check), and good overall athleticism (check). Look for the Jayhawks to take 'em down.

2. Took in the Twins game yesterday with Dr. Acula, and we decided it was a great way to spend a day, but once that outdoor stadium was here it will be even better. Interesting how our tickets were $7 but a 20 ounce glass of 3.2 beer is $6.50. Overall, this team is really boring, just because the offense is so anemic. Slowey was taken out in the fourth (which I predicted) due to a biceps strain (which I didn't.) He'll skip his next start, but should be back. Sidler's guy Kubel hit a homerun, which he just destroyed, but it didn't really matter as Torii Hunter hit one as well to lead the Angels to a 5-4 victory. The good news being the Twins doubled their total run about put, adding that 4 to the 4 they had in the first three games combined. On pace now for a total of 324 runs this season. It's going to be a long year.

3. Congratulations to Ohio State for running through the NIT on the way to the title. I guess they were a decent team after all. They probably should have gotten some of those quality wins during the season and made the tournament. Is a first round loss in the NCAA tournament better than an NIT championship? Yes, yes it is.

Meanwhile, the CBI championship was forced to a deciding game three with Bradley's win over Tulsa on Wednesday night. That was just weird to type overall, and no, I don't know when the final game is and I'm not going to look it up.

Fine, it's tonight at 8pm.

4. In NFL news, Chris Henry is still an ass, he got arrested again and released this time, and Brett Favre is an attention whore. It doesn't even matter if he is or isn't interested in coming back, the story is out there, and either he or his agent was the catalyst behind this. He just can't stand not being the top story, it's pathetic. Combined with the dance of will he/won't he retire for the last three off-seasons, and this douche is doing everything he can to keep his name in the paper. What an ass. He's even more like the Pete Rose of the NFL now.

5. Caught the College Slam Dunk and Three Point Contest. Best part of the night was when New Mexico's J.R. Giddens hit his first dunk, and did a spot on impression of the Carlton from the Fresh Prince dancing impression. LaSalle's Darnell Harris beat out Tennessee's Chris Lofton in the three point contest, and Arkansas's Sonny Weems won the dunk contest. Weems was a top JuCo player two years ago, so let's add Dunk Contest Winner to the possible upside for Devron Bostick.

6. "My better is better than your better" is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. Plus Nike's shoes fall apart.

7. Look out for Johnny Cueto


snacks said...

westbrook/collison can handle Rose? are you insane? nobody can handle Rose. I'm pissed I had memphis losing in the finals instead of winning it all (which I called a long, long time ago somewhere on this blog I believe).

WWWWWW said...

Yes, Westbrook/Collison can handle Rose.

WWWWWW is an Idiot said...

but once the outdoor stadium was here it will be even better.

snacks said...

we'll see about that - we are taking the rose over, whatever it is.

didn't the metrodome switch from 3.2 beer to regular beer? Or am I thinking of something else? I swear sometime within the last few years somewhere that always served 3.2 beer switched to full strength beer. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Just Saying said...

Nike shoes are not meant for a man of your girth, please do not besmirch Nike's good name because your heft is to much for their technologically advaced shoes to handle. It just isnt a fair test of their strength and durability.

johnny said...

Hey Snacks thanks for another healthy dose of your waffling. First its Hoffarber sucks, then its "oh, I only meant that he won't be great." Now you didn't have the balls to have Memphis winning it all, but you supposedly "predicted" them to win it all a long time ago. Way'ta stick to your guns spineless bastard. You and your brother have switched gears so many times on college hoops this year that you could probably point to a dozen teams that you "predicted" to win the whole thing. No wonder you are such a shitty gambler.

Dr. Acula!. said...

I think that whole switch from 3.2 to regular beer was at the Sportsman in Como.

snacks said...

actually I think sporty's went from 3.2 to regular and then back to 3.2 because they got busted for selling to minors again.

And I'm pretty sure now that it was the STate Fair that just went to full strength beer recently, now that I think of it.

And Johnny, you sound like the same kind of hard-headed ass as Dawg. At the start of the year I thought Memphis was the strongest team, at the start of the tourney, I thought it was Kansas. As the tournament has gone on, its looking more and more like Memphis is the top team and I'm regretting picking Kansas over them. Any intelligent person formulates an opinion, takes in additional information, and continually revises that opinion based upon the most up to date information they have.

Only complete dipshits like yourself are of the opinion that if you think something once you have to stick by it forever. Tell David Duke I said hi at your next meeting you obstinate prick.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Take a seat Johnny!

johnny said...

Hey Snacks I'm not talking about running a business or investing in the stock market here. Obviously people need to change opinions in the real world, but we're talking about sports predictions here. You get on your high horse every week talking about how you picked this game right or that team to go all the way or what not.

If you want to brag about some "prediction" you made long - hell yes you need to stick to your guns. You can't just pick a team, change your mind six times and then - if your original team happens to still be around - claim that you are some sports genius. Just like the Hoff situation - you can't just admit that you were wrong. As if Dawg was supposed to interpret your "he will suck" prediction to mean that your "prediction" will change depending on "new information" - doesn't that defeat the point of a "prediction"? Your like a cross between a poor man's John Kerry (waffling) and more feminine Hillary Clinton (refusal to admit a mistake). F'n laser.

Anonymous said...

Johnny - Your analogies are so clever and witty. (Especially, when you have to explain them.)

snacks said...

johnny -

I'm sick of dealing with unintelligent people like you but I feel I should respond to all of the misstatements in your post.

1) When did I "brag" about a prediction? Reread my Memphis post. I said that I'm pissed at myself for not picking them to win it all in my bracket because i had them picked from the start and didn't stick to my guns - not sure how that's bragging.

2) When did I make a "prediction" about Hoffarber? I said after two games that he looks like he sucks. I wasn't predicting anything you idiot it was my first impression of him as a player. And guess what? Other than being a good three point shooter, he does suck! You and dawg are the only two people who don't agree with me on this blog.

Why don't you actually read and try to comprehend what I'm saying before ripping me apart.

gary said...

Snacks, why would you deny that you predicted that Hoffarber would suck. He does and you would have hit it right on the head. Joe said it best - one trick pony.

Snake said...

Once again Snacks proves that he is the WWWW that should be breaking down college basketball on this blog! Rose was really shut down last night...wha-wha-whaaaa!

Hoff still sucks! Eat it dawg!

Dawg said...

Hey Snacks - I guess Dennis Rodman sucked at basketball because he only rebounded. God you are a complete clueless asshole.

You said the guy sucks period. You didn't put in any addendments into your short sided philiosphy.

You actually said you would suck my crank if he would've hit 3 3 pointers that game. I don't know if that makes you hot for my crank or so stupid that you didn't think it was possible.

Now you say he sucks except he his a god at hitting 3's. Does his ability to hit 3's make him an above average player? The answer is yes.....

If you want to switch your opinion be my guest. But don't be such an arrogant asshole and assume that people aren't going to call you on it. You never conveyed the message that you thought he would be good. Now you aren't willing to admit your error.

Your brother can testify to your idiocy. Keep trying to sugar coat it douche bag.

You were wrong by saying that The Hoff sucks. Admit it now to DWG or expect continous harrassemnt by me.

I'm not looking for an apology anymore but The Hoff is.

doug said...

"short sided philosophy" Try shortsighted.

He can't penetrate, can't create his own shot, has no midrange game, can't rebound, and is a complete defensive liability. I'd say he is far from average. The French Canadians have a term which I think would best describe his game - Shitbox Royal.

Dawg said...

Professor Doug - You missed addendments which is a cross between addendums and ammendments. Idiot!

East of the river said...

Dennis Rodman is not a great basketball player. He is a rebounding specialist and a spaz. Don't mistake the two...idiot! Now you owe every basketball player in the world an apology for using Rodman to prove your point. Who is this guy and why does he think he needs to post daily on this blog.

P.S. You are not a god a 3's when you aren't even the best shooter in a below average big ten...dip shit!

Hawkeye Fan said...

According to James Naismith (dawg) anyone who can shoot the ball above average is now a great basketball player and is beyond criticism? With your Rodman rational that would also mean a player like Michael Williams was great because he shot 98% on his free throws. That is real clear thinking there.

You do understand that there are other aspects to basketball than shooting correct? You need to dribble, pass, rebound, defend and work off the ball. Once one trick hoff learns to do at least a couple of those skills at an above average clip then you can start asking people to apologize. Until then please shut your uneducated mouth. Now go knock your ball out of the peach basket genius.

dawg said...

Hawkeye and East of River - I never said that The Hoff was great. I simply said he doesn't suck. Keep picking apart different aspects of his game but the fact remains that his ability to throw the rock through the hoop from beyond the arc qualifies him at the worst an average basketball player. Average doesn't mean great and it sure as hell doesn't mean suck.

Dennis Rodman played in the NBA for 15 seasons and won 5 NBA championships. He wasn't only a good basketball player he was an elite basketball player. F-ing dipshits.

WWWWWW said...

Hoff sucks ON THIS TEAM. There is no need for a one dimensional shooter on a team with no guards who can penetrate, no other shooters, and no big men who command double teams. THIS TEAM would have been better off with a more well balanced player on the wing.

Next year, if Nolen keeps improving and the new guys are as good as we all hope, he may have more value. If they suck, he will suck again.

His upside is a taller Lee Humphrey.

Hawkeye Fan said...

You claim Rodman was an elite player and I am the dipshit? Does that also mean Steve Kerr was an elite player because I believe he also won 5 NBA titles? You are seriously the biggest sports dipshit I have ever had the pleasure of hearing opinions from. Also, in your last post you once again point to the fact that you think Hoff is a good to great player. Either that or your grasp of the English language is right next to your grasp of basketball talent. What else do you expect people to garner from this "but the fact remains that his ability to throw the rock through the hoop from beyond the arc qualifies him at THE WORST an average basketball player." To me that reads you can listen to the opinion he is average but you think he is more than that. Who's waffling now Ego Boy, dumb ass!

dawg said...

Hawkeye (pig f*cker)- How many people play basketball in the world? How many of those players have played in the NBA for 15 years? How many of those players have won 5 NBA championships? I would say he is an elite NBA basketball player compared to the basketball playing population. For instance WWWWWW plays house ball basketball and thinks he is a stud because he averages 14 points a game. When in actuality he sucks shit at basketball compared to the general basketball playing population which would include Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr and Blake Hoffarber.

The argument is that Hoff doesn't suck. I claim that he is at worst an average player. In my amateur opinion he is an overall average player with exceptional shooting talent. Hopefully that is clear enough for you. If not who cares because your basketball team sucks worse then short bus kids at algebra.

Unfortunately this will be my last words on this tired matter. I've never seen so many so called gopher fans intent on proving how bad one of their freshmen sucks. Especially 2 chowders that have season tickets. Pathetic.

Hawkeye Fan said...

Onk-Onk! Answer me this. What's more pathetic, Gopher fans who can formulate an opinion about one of their favorite teams players or a guy who thinks he has to love and defend a player just because he plays for "his" team? I would say the latter is more pathetic, you need to grow up and join the rest of us adults who can formulate opinions. I would call you a childish name, but like I stated earlier I have grown up. I will go back to spending my time on Black Heart Gold Pants with the actual educated fans.

WWWWWW said...

Ryan Saunders is above average compared to the general basketball playing population. Of all your arguments, that one was by far the worst, Dawg.

I can't believe you're getting owned by an Iowa fan. This is embarrassing for everybody.

Also, I never said Hoff sucks. I said he's one dimensional, and would need to have the right teammates around him to become anything more than an average player who can shoot.

Bear said...

Onk-Onk! Isn't that the sound a sick car makes.

P.S. I heart Doug.

dawg said...

Only if the Bear and all of his alter ego's are claiming that they hail from Iowa. Otherwise Bear/Doug/Hawkeye Fan are all the same angry SOB. Christ W you can't tell who everybody is on this board yet?

PS Bear I called you a pig f*cker not a duck f*cker. onk onk onk onk.

Bear said...

I wish I could claim the brilliance of Hawkeye Fan, but unfortunately I can't. Sorry to disappoint.

P.S. I heart Go-Go.

Hawkeye Fan said...

Who's the bear? Sorry "friend", You got owned by a farmed raised Iowa boy.

Thanks for giving me a gopher player to hate for the next three years. Because of you I will always hate the well below average hoff!

holy hell said...

Dawg- You dont know what your talking about. Hoff blows get a clue.

WWWWWW said...

This was fun.