Monday, April 16, 2007

'Lil Romeo can Ball

Percy "Romeo" Miller Jr., formerly 'Lil Romeo has signed to play with USC for 2008. Seriously.

Now, he's not ranked at all at other than he's given one star. I've been trying to gather some information, and although he averaged 14 points and 5.6 assists last year and made the second team All-Ocean League in California (which I think is like second-team all-conference), he's not regarded as a high D-I prospect.

It appears that what is going on is that 'Lil Romeo is good buddies with a guy named Demar Derozan, the #9 small forward in the country, and they want to attend school together. It also sounds like 'Lil Romeo won't take a scholarship and will just walk-on, so really this is a good move by USC coach Tim Floyd to get a prized recruit without giving up an extra scholarship. Prep and AAU coaches are given assistant coaching jobs all the time to land recruits (see Michael Beasley), and this doesn't cost anything so I don't see why not.

This is my favorite story ever.


Anonymous said...

Is Lil Romeo Master P's kid?

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