Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Come on Wolves, You can do it!

The Timberwolves play Memphis tonight in a very important game, and simply put, the Wolves cannot afford to win.

They are currently 32-49 this season, tied for the sixth worst record in the NBA, thanks to an inspired current six game losing streak. They currently owe the Clippers their first round draft pick this year, in a very deep draft, but only if it is outside the top 10. If they finish seventh or lower, no matter what happens in the lottery they can't drop out of the top 10, and get to keep the pick. Not to mention that the higher up they can get, the better.

If they can stay in the 6-9 range of picks, they're looking at Corey Brewer, Jeff Green, or Julian Wright instead of, well, nobody. And who knows,

Of course, mighty Memphis is only 21-60, so it won't be easy to lose. However, Memphis has already locked up the number 1 spot in the lottery, so they have nothing to lose for. Worst case scenario: the Wolves screw up and win tonight, while Portland, Charlotte, and Sacramento all lose. This puts Minnesota in a four-way tie for seventh. If they lose all tiebreakers, which are determined at random, that puts them at the 10th slot. All that would have to happen is one team moving up in the lottery to send that pick to the Clippers, and guarentee another crappy Wolves season. Plus, even if they stay at 10, they would be looking at Joakim Noah, Spencer Hawes, or Mike Conley - not as attractive as the other group.

So just lose Wolves. Do it for KG.

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Theory said...

That's going to be fun to see how the Wolves play tonight. Will they actually try to play well, but not well enough to win? Will they just stand around? Or will they completely blow it and win a game?

On another note....seriously, we might get Noah? Jesus.