Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nothing has Changed yet, but Looking Better

Former Minneapolis native and current Stoneridge Prep (CA) Junior point guard Angelo Johnson has signed with USC. I don't know if Tubby made any effort at stealing him away late, but I'm confident in saying Monson didn't bother with him, but his three finalists were USC, Cinncinnati, and Tennessee.

Johnson was a four-star recruit, and the #11 ranked PG in the country.

In better news, Tubby is already getting on the radar of a couple of local kids, top sophomores Royce White of De La Salle and Rodney Williams of Cooper. Anything he can do to repair the damage Monson did with the local schools would be a huge step in getting this program turned back in the right direction. Now, only has both White and Williams rated at one-star, but hopefully it's just because they're sophomores and not on the national radar yet. Hopefully.

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Anonymous said... gave Royce White a 5 star rating yesterday, ranking him 17th in the Class of 2009. Likewise, gave Rodney Williams a 4 star rating, ranking him 37th in the Class of 2009. The story is only going to get better for these two kids. They play the game with a great deal of maturity for sophomores. The press is all over Tubby Smith to recruit from within the State of Minnesota due to the lack of in-state recruiting during the past administration. Don't let that confuse you about the talent of these two fine young athletes. By the time they are ready to commit to a school, Tubby Smith will be very lucky to get a nod from either one of them.