Friday, April 20, 2007

Ohio State is Losing Everybody

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Greg Oden, Mike Conley, and Daequan Cook all plan to release a statement that they will forego their college careers and enter the NBA draft. They all came in together, so they all plan to leave together. Sort of like the Florida juniors last season, except the exact opposite of that.

Oden is planning to sign with an agent, and his leaving was pretty much automatic. If your worst case scenario is that you'll be drafted second overall, you should probably go ahead and enter the draft.

Conley and Cook say they don't plan to hire an agent until after they work out for teams and are evaluated. Conley is projected to go early-mid first round, with Cook late first to second.

Cook should really stay another year. Being at Ohio State this year was tough, since they were very deep and very talented and it really limited his playing time. With Oden and Conley leaving early, and Ivan Harris and Ron Lewis graduating, Cook would be the number one option on the Buckeyes next season, and has the talent to vault himself into the lottery with that kind of playing time. He averaged 10 pts and 4 rebounds this season in only 20 minutes per game, imagine what he could do in 35 minutes.

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