Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everyone is Stupid

For the seven hundreth year in a row, a large amount of underclassmen are declaring for the NBA draft, with little to no chance of being picked in the first round, and a good chance of not getting drafted. Granted, some of these guys won't sign with an agent and will have the option to pull out and return to school, but what's the point if you aren't even going to get first round consideration? Here's a list of idiots, with projections courtesy of

Unlikely to be Drafted:
Dwight Brewington, Liberty
Aaron Bruce, Baylor
Jaycee Carroll, Utah St
Marcel Jones, Oregon St
James Mays, Clemson
Shaun Pruitt, Illinois
Maurice Rice, George Washington
Reggie Williams, VMI
JamesOn Curry, Ok State (hasn't announced, but is rumored to be going)

Late Second to Undrafted:
Roy Bright, Delaware St
Wilson Chandler, DePaul
Glen Davis, LSU
Joseph Jones, Texas A & M
Marcelus Kemp, Nevada
Charles Rhodes, Miss State
Ramon Sessions, Nevada
Sean Singletary, Virginia
Joey Dorsey, Memphis
Dominic James, Marquette

These people are all the same as Rick Rickert. Good luck in Europe guys.

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