Sunday, April 8, 2007

Long Beach State is Going to Suck

I don't know who the Athletic Director at Long Beach State is, but whoever it is certainly has made some strange decisions. First, despite the team going 24-8 and making the NCAA tournament, he decided not renew the coach's contract. Secondly, he replaced him with the one, the only, the great Dan Monson. Everyone always remembers how Monson's 118-105 career record with Minnesota, despite never playing anyone in non-conference, but don't forget he lead the Gophers to the prestigious NIT three straight years. THREE!

Also, LBSU's top seven scorers from last year all graduated. Good luck Danny-boy.

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In the Game Guy said...

I'm willing to bet that over the next five years, LBSU will have as many NCAA sanctions as it will NCAA Tournament appearances--zero.

He might not be a good coach, but at least he runs a clean program.