Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are the Gophers the new Vikings?

With no Viking arrests this off-season, the Gopher football squad is doing their best to fill the void. With three Gopher players already in trouble for rape, Alex Daniels, Keith Massey, and EJ Jones, add another to the list in Robert McField.

McField was a top rated Defensive End from Missouri who was singed by Glen Mason (which should have been a giveaway something was wrong, since Mason never singed top prospects). It now turns out, that he was a suspect in two armed robberies in St. Louis, and has since plead guilty and will likely spend a good amount of time in jail. He was dismissed from the team, which was probably a good idea at this point. Apparently he's still enrolled at the U however, which is weird and slightly disturbing.

In an interesting little fun fact, McField was roommates with Massey and EJ Jones. What a fun group they must have been.

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All I have to say is two letters and 4 words:

DP: Due Process & Duke Players