Thursday, April 19, 2007

Carlos Silva is Good?

What......the.........F? Seriously, what's going on? I figured Silva would be released by now, instead, he's practically guaranteed himself a spot in the rotation until the All-Star break, no matter how much he explodes from then until now.

After going 6 1/3 innings last night, giving up 8 hits and 3 runs while striking out 4, Silva brings his season totals to 18 innings pitched, with a 2.00 ERA and a respectable 1.33 WHIP.

I have no idea how this is possible, considering he had an ERA of 5.94 last year with a WHIP of 1.54. Opponents batted .324 off of him. .324! Plus, he's really fat. New nickname = el Gordo.

They're still batting .288 against him this year, which isn't great, so I predict he'll come back to earth and end up not very good, but he's delaying the inevitable Garza call up. Hopefully Ponson will continue to suck and we can get him up here.

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