Thursday, April 19, 2007

McHale to Return as Wolves VP.

Oh goody.

I am so excited. What's even better, is that he says he's going to overhaul the roster and make some trades to improve the team.

Who are you going to trade? There's almost nobody tradeable on this team. Let's look (I have no idea where to find specific contract information, so this might not be perfect. Deal with it):

NOT TRADEABLE BECAUSE OF SUCKING: Bracey Wright, Justin Reed, Mark Madsen, Trenton Hassel

NOT TRADEABEL BECAUSE OF CONTRACT: Ricky Davis, Marko Jaric, Troy Hudson, Mike James, Mark Blount

Now, any of these guys could be included as a throw-in in a different deal, but none of them could really be a centerpiece, unless we get the same kind of crap back.

So that leaves four guys with any kind of trade value: KG, Randy Foye, Craig Smith, and Rashad McCants.

McCants and Smith won't get much of anything, at all, because they are relative unknowns at this point. Better off keeping them.

Foye is the future. You'd be an idiot to trade him. So he''s probably as good as gone with McHale.

KG. McHale said in the same interview that he won't trade KG. As much as I love the Big Ticket, the only way you can do anything with this team at this point is to trade him. You just have to. There's no other assets on this team, other than the 1st round pick this year, and he better damn well not trade that.

I've heard things like KG to the Bulls for Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and a couple of first rounders from Chicago, one of which will be around number 5 this year. Why not do that? There would have to be some throw-ins to make salaries work, and I'm too tired to work that all out, but I really think it's time to trade KG. If not to make the Wolves better, at least to get the poor guy somewhere he can have a chance to win. This crappy roster will never do anything. And don't forget, not only do we still owe the Clippers a pick (not this year, good job losing last night boys), we also owe the Celtics our pick in 2009. Sweet.

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