Monday, April 23, 2007

Engen Nurumbi has Landed

Former Gopher Engen Nurumbi, the worst recruit of an already questionable bunch by the Great Dan Monson, has decided to enroll at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

Nurumbi, who you probably don't remember, only played in nine games this year, averaging 2.4 minutes per game. He was recruited our of Arizona Western Junior College after leaving the Congo, and was a project from the start. Why you would recruit a JC player who is a project to a Big Ten school is something that makes no sense at all, but then again it was Dan Monson, so we're lucky we didn't get five of these kind of players a year.

Nurumbi should fit in much better at D-II Grand Canyon, and since it's a D-II school, he won't have to sit out a year before becoming eligible. Grand Canyon made the D-II tournament this year, and the basketball program has been around for 57 years. They have produced two NBA players, no one of real note, as well as former Suns and Lakers Coach Paul Westphal.

Also funny - you can attend this school soley online and get a degree.

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BucktheFadgers said...

I envision this school being located "in" the grand canyon...for that is where Nurmbi belongs. The image of his one shot attempt that managed to hit the support post of the backboard is burned into my memory. This guy was a grade A waste of a scholly