Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Twins are Bad

Went to the Twins game last night at the Dome against the Yankees, where the hometown team got waxed 10-1. A few, fan related observations:

1. Stop trying to do the wave. Just stop. It's not 1982 anymore. Give it a rest.

2. Don't yell things unless you're funny or clever. Most of you aren't. You just sound stupid.

3. Someone please explain to me why A-Rod gets booed, but not Doug Mientkewicz (he's on the Yankees, if you weren't aware). Why boo A-Rod? Because he's overpaid or something? Really, if you want to get into, all these guys are overpaid. I mean, the Texas GM wanted to pay A-Rod $25 million a year. You wouldn't take it? He might be the best hitter of our generation, and he's certainly in the top 5. Do you realize last year he hit .290/.392/.523 with 35 homeruns and that was considered a horrible year? MVP Justin Morneau was only .321/.375/.559 with 34, not that far off.

Now onto Mientkewicz. Why was I the only one booing him in the place last night? Did everyone forget how he left? Remember, he was an ok player who had a couple of nice years, but nothing special. The year Morneau came up, Mientkewicz went into bitch mode right away. I don't remember exactly, but when Morneau was given the starting gig, he gave an interview whining about it and saying that he should be starting because "he was there for all the previous division championships." What? Does that mean if Tim Laudner shows up tomorrow he should be given the job over Joe Mauer? The year Dougie Baseball forced the trade, he was hitting .246/.340/.363 with 5 HR in 283 AB. Morneau ended up .274/.340/.536 with 19 in 280. I think the choice was clear. Mientkewicz had a chance to stick around, be a mentor to Morneau, play in another playoff, and then get traded in the off-season and still be a hero. Instead, he bitched and whined until they shipped him off to Boston for nothing just to shut him up, and now he has a world series championship ring. If anyone should be booed, it's this ass.

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