Saturday, April 21, 2007

So the NBA Playoffs are Starting

It seems the NBA playoffs are finally starting. In order to keep my interest, I may have put some money in play on three of the teams to win their series.

#3 Toronto over #6 New Jersey: Toronto might be one of those teams that gels at the right time and makes a nice little run. Chris Bosh is one of the best players in the league, T.J. Ford can run the offense efficiently, and either Juan Dixon or Andrea Bargnani can get hot at any time. More importantly, I can't stand either Vince Carter or Jason Kidd on New Jersey. It'll be interesting to watch the Raptor fans go after Carter, after he screwed them over a few years ago.

#4 Miami over #5 Chicago: Defending champion Miami is actually an underdog in this series according to Vegas, but I'll take the experience of last year's champion over the youth of the Bulls. Dwyane Wade is banged up for the Heat, but he's a warrior and I think he'll still be able to play well. Miami also has Shaq Diesel, who, although he's getting up there in age, I still believe can take over a game and a series. Plus, the Bulls' point guard is Kirk Hinrich, who went to Kansas, and Kansas always chokes in the NCAA tournament, so that means they'll lose here.

#6 Denver over #3 San Antonio: Sure, the Spurs are good and have been for years, but they're boring. Same old thing every year. I'm just sick of Tim Duncan and the Spurs in general. They ruin every final they get to because they're so boring. Denver has upset potential, with two of the top six scorers in the league this season with Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson, and Marcus Camby should be able to bother Duncan. Plus, the odds were right at +450.

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