Sunday, April 29, 2007

I think I'm OK with this

According to Jeff Shelman of the Star Tribune, Tubby Smith has no plans to add any players to the Gophers for this upcoming season.

When Smith was hired, he originally said that he wasn't going to add any players just for the sake of adding one, and if he was to sign anyone they would have to be ready to contribute immediately. Apparently he couldn't find anyone willing to sign who would make an impact, so the team will remain as is for this coming season, which sucks, but whatever.

By not signing anyone, it means the Gophers will have at least four scholarships to offer next season, when Smith will have had an entire season to recruit players to the U, instead of just a month. Smith said he's currently recruiting several talented players, which could just be coachspeak but hopefully not.

It would have been great if Tubby could have gotten somebody in here for next season on such short notice, but it probably wasn't realistic. We'll just have to take the current team and hope Tubby's coaching (markedly better than Super Dan Monson) and the improvement of current players like Dan Coleman (get stronger and tougher), Lawrence McKenzie (seriously, pass the ball), and Lawrence Westbrook (I think he can be a quality player with greater opportunity), will be enough to make next season a little more entertaining. Of course, this also means another year of Kevin Payton at point guard, and that's a bit worrisome, but hopefully he didn't do anything all summer but practice not sucking.

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