Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I'm sick today (no, not hungover - or drunk) so not much to post, but I looked at the ESPN poll and they're wrong. Here's the current rankings, and this is what it should be:

1. Memphis
2. Kansas
4. North Carolina
5. Tennessee
6. Michigan State
7. Duke
8. Indiana
9. Georgetown
10. Texas A & M
11. Clemson
12. Marquette
13. Texas
14. Vanderbilt
15. Washington State
16. Butler
17. Notre Dame
18. Louisville (Padgett's back now)
19. Xavier
20. Ole Miss
21. Dayton
22. Cal
23. Rhode Island
24. Arizona State
25. UMass

Believe it.

Also, Florida is going to get crushed tonight. Look at their schedule so far. Very Glen Mason-like.

St. Johns +12 @ UCONN (L)
Michigan +11 vs. Indiana (L)
Missouri St -5.5 vs. Wichita State (W)
Bradley +11 @ Southern Illinois (L)
Siena -9.5 vs. Fairfield (L)
Seton Hall +17 @ Marquette (W)
Georgetown -7.5 @ DePaul (W)
St Mary's -4.5 @ Fresno State (W)
Alabama -2.5 vs. Florida (L)

Yesterday 2-2
Season 193-163


Goose said...

Ha Ha, no Blyleven.

Circle Me said...

Nice 'stache Goose. Did Billy Martin use that thing as handle bars when he was shoving his gin soaked crank in your mouth.

Blyleven in 09.

snacks said...

From Bilas' chat today on espn:

Will (St. Paul): What is Tubby Smith's ceiling at Minnesota? Will he be like Bobby Knight at Texas Tech and make them consistently respectable or can Tubby do even better?

Jay Bilas: He can do better. Texas Tech is a tougher job, and Knight has done a remarkable job there. It is much easier to recruit to Minnesota. Tubby is one of the very best in the business, and he will win there. Heck, he's winning now.

I would have been happy with "consistently respectable."