Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hall of Players Cranky Old Dudes Like inductions announced

The Sidler can't believe Shawon Dunston got a fucking vote for the Hall of Fame. Apparently the Shawon-O-Meter gets a vote, who knew.

Anyways, the ignorant, insular organization known as the BBWAA made their Hall of Fame selection today and at least the player they picked belonged: Goose Gossage, who was either the best or second-best closer/relief ace in the league throughout most of his career.

That's the only player the BBWAA found worthy of making the Hall. No "Circle Me" Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines, Alan Trammell, or Mark McGwire. Bert and Raines should be no brainers but lack the headline numbers these fat slobs need to see, and I can handle neither Trammell or McGwire not making it yet even though both are worthy in my opinion. I would have been OK The Hawk, Andre Dawson as well, but only if he'd agree to enter the Hall with an Expos cap.

My biggest problem with the BBWAA's voting comes with the guy second on the list, Jim Rice. According to the East Coast media, pitchers were literally shitting their pants the second Rice stepped into the box in the late 70s. He had a killer 77-79, no doubt, but from there his resume gets spotty and there's no way he's more deserving than Bert, Rock, or even the Hawk. If Rice had put up those stats on the Texas Rangers, no one would care, but since he's a former marquee player from Boston, he gets votes.

But whatever, this dumb group includes Woody Paige, who apparently votes for any player on the ballot that played a game as a member of the Rockies. That fact along makes me not really care who they deem worthy...


Ken Tremendous said...

Could you please stop plagiarizing my material. I know W condones this type of behavior, given that he did it while writing his college basketball previews, but most DWG readers find it despicable.

WWWWWW said...

Agreed, Sidler. If you do any research at all, it becomes apparent that Bert, Goose, and Raines should be in, with Trammell and Dawson borderline. Still not sure where all the Rice love comes from. Damn east coast bias.

Dawg said...

Last comment on why Bert should be in the HOF (until next year)

Bert is the only player in the top 10 in strikeouts that is not currently in the HOF (except for Clemens and Randy Johnson but both will definitely wind up there).

Phil Neikro is # 10 on the list and was elected in 1997. Here is a comparison of the 2 pitchers stats.

Phil Neikro

career record 318-274
ERA 3.35
Shut outs 45
Complete Games 245
WHIP 1.27
Strikeouts 3342
World Series 0

Bert Blyleven

career record 287-250
ERA 3.31
Shut outs 60
Complete Games 242
WHIP 1.19
Strikouts 3701
World Series 2

There are main differences. #1 amount of wins and #2 Neikro wore pinstripes for 2 years.

I rest my case.

WWWWWW said...

Ken T/Anonymous - do you have any plans to ever actually contribute anything, or just the constant ripping of every post?

Ken T. Anonymous said...

I agree Sidler, brilliant insight. You too Dawger. Great stuff W!

Honestly, does this blog really need another person writing about how flawed the BBWAA is or how Bert is getting screwed big time? No. We all know Bert, Gossage, and Raines (Although, sometimes I felt like he wasn't aggressive enough, almost like he was trying to maintain his high SB%) should be in. Mattingly, Rice and Morris shouldn't. I don't think that any of this is really up for debate.

I'm sure you get a ragging hard-on when there is brilliant back and forth between readers and your blog gets a lot of action, but some of us just don't give a shit. So I will stick to what I enjoy and what I'm good at.

Piss Off!

Is kent t drunk right now? said...

and what exactly is it that your "good at"?????

Ken T. Anonymous said...

I'm "good at" English, you're not. Idiot!

Ken T's 11th grade english teacher said...

I'm "good at" English??? All Right! Does your mother hang your posts on the fridge at night?

Sidler said...

First, I have a raging hard-on now that this has crossed the 5 comment threshold. You should see a Dr. about your ragging hard-on, they'll probably have a drug that will help.

I don't understand why individuals feel the need to appoint themselves ombudsmen of blogs. I guess there needs to be a blog convention where all topics are divied up to make sure there aren't too many covering the same thing. Personally, I'm hoping to get an MLS team like Real Salt Lake.

How many other blogs used the HoF voting to post a Shawon-O-Meter picture?

Ken T. Anonymous said...

Idiot, I'm sorry for using satire. I should have known that a person who doesn't know when to use your/you're couldn't possibly fathom satire. My apologies.

joe said...

Kent T. (Idiot) - Spell checker must have not known what a "ragging" hard on was. Is it similar to a "raging" hard on? Better get yourself an urban spell checker. Loser!!!!!!

Ken T. Anonymous said...

Touche. However, there is a difference. Once is a mistake. Committing the same error multiple times makes him an idiot.

ken t's fag hag said...

Well ken t I think YOU'RE a ragging or raging...... FAG!