Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do not let this kid enroll in women's studies!

Gophers fans are rightfully excited about MarQueis Gray's signing. The 4-star recruit is a dual-threat QB that could excel in Brewster's spread offense. Just look at how dangerous Dennis Dixon and IU's Kellen Lewis (a more apt comparison) are in similar schemes. I'm still not sold on Brewster, but must admit his first recruiting class is impressive. Now he just has to develop and coach them.

There is one HUGE negative with this signing--Gray is a product of Indianapolis' Ben Davis High School. Does that name ring a bell? If it doesn't, does Courtney James? That's right, Gophers fans, the school that sent you Courtney James is sending its latest high-profile recruit to the Twin Cities.

Fine, just a guy from the same high school as a linchpin of the downfall of Clem fiasco; big deal, who cares, right?

As Lee Corso likes to say, not so fast my friend! What about a guy who is helping to bring down the Timberwolves? True story, Randy Wittman also went to Ben Davis.

Gophers probation, worst season in Wolves (maybe NBA) history, the kicker who knocked the 98 Vikings out of the playoffs, and now a 4-star QB.

It's a bummer that the 2011 Rose Bowl team is going to be wiped out of the record books.


I Hate Nate Guy said...

W - This is the really big news. I know you don't want me to be negative and you want me to bring something to the table, but come on. I didn't even grow up in Indiana and I could have written that. I wasn't expecting Woodward & Bernstein, (He would get killed on the SCSU campus) but he could have given us something even moderately insightful.

P.S. Since you would like your readers to start using only one moniker, I will fall in line and do so. I hope you like it.

i hate nate guy sucks said...

how often do you check this blog?

I hate nate guy said...

Every 5 minutes. I dont have a life.

I hate nate guy said...

or a job

johnny said...

... or any chance of getting laid.