Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Wedding

No preview for Michigan State, since I had a groom's dinner last night and a wedding today and don't have time, but I'm sensing a repeat of the Indiana game, sorry. Spartans 72, Gophers 66.

Also, good luck to Snacks today. Only 7 hours left of freedom.

Michigan -4.5 vs. Iowa (L)
Syracuse -4.5 vs. Villanova (L)
Notre Dame +9 @ Georgetown (L)
Vanderbilt -12.5 vs. LSU (W)
Purdue -4 vs. Illinois (W)
Tennessee -11 vs. Ohio State (L)
Cal -1.5 vs. Arizona (L)
Alabama PK vs. Miss State (L)
Rutgers +11.5 @ DePaul (W)
Ball State -2 vs. Eastern Michigan (W)
Kentucky +7.5 @ Florida (L)

Thursday: 3-6
Season: 233-207


Dr. Acula!. said...

Awesome wedding Snacks! Thanks for having us.

WWWWWW said...

Nice pink shirt.

joe said...

Snacks, you looked really nervous at your wedding ... and the food sucked.

Anonymous said...

Snacks- did you invite a bunch college coed's to your wedding?

Does your wife know you are so infatuated with them?