Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am Legend

Last night was the kind of night most people can only dream of. The kind of night Sportscentury specials are made about. In Bar League Touch Football last night, I became a legend.

Struck with an illness earlier in the day, I knew my team needed me so I battled my sickness and made it out to the game with a will and determination to win. I was much like Michael Jordan in that Jazz game, if only he was actually sick and the whole thing wasn't a ploy thought up by Jordan, Stern, and the media to hype him up - much like Favre's wife having "cancer."

Once I hit the field, I was the MarQueis Gray of the league, catching three touchdowns and throwing for three more, leading the team to a 61-2 victory, converting all four extra points QB'd for, and not throwing a single incomplete pass the entire game. Marvel at my awesomeness.

As if that wasn't enough, I proceeded to go inside and kick the crap out of LunnDale, Tink, and Foot at Golden Tee and followed that up by beating Theory in Bags, a game he is clearly the best in the world at. Very Appalachian State @ Michigan-like. Truly, it was a glorious evening.

Oh, and the Gophers play Northwestern tonight, and I actually will be able to go. The only real issue in the game is "Is Tubby Smith smarter than Dan Monson?" The way Northwestern has been able to beat the Gophers is when they can't figure out that extended 2-1-2 NW runs. I'm going to go ahead and guess that Tubby is smarter and will have the players prepared for it, and the game shouldn't be an issue. I expect the game to be low scoring, and I expect the Gophers to dominate inside, seeing as Northwestern has almost no size. Gophers 66, Northwestern 48

LaSalle -5.5 vs. Richmond (L)
Georgia -2.5 vs. Georgia Tech (W)
UMass -4 vs. St Joe's (L)
Syracuse -3.5 @ Cincinnati (L)
Tennessee -9.5 vs. Ole Miss (L)
UAB +1.5 @ Tulane (W)
Minnesota -12.5 vs. Northwestern (W)
Northern Colorado +16 @ San Diego (W)
Temple +15 @ Duke (W)
South Florida +5 vs. Pitt (L)
Ohio St -13 vs. Iowa (W)

Yesterday: 4-5
Season: 197-168


joe said...

W, I thought you would enjoy this quote from Fox Sports:

"LenDale White enjoyed a 1,110-yard rushing campaign in 2007 despite carrying excess weight. If he puts more effort into off-season workouts, White could emerge as one of the NFL's top running backs."

WWWWWW said...


The Todd said...

That damn casino is a petri dish. I'm sick as all hell myself and haven't had a drop of booze since that awesome bus ride back on Sunday.

PS, thanks for the call. Do you not need my cone-ish blocking ability anymore?

snacks said...

Todd, do you think you really got sick from the casino? Or was it from the Aragon in Albert Lea? I wonder what you have....

WWWWWW said...

I think a couple of those chicks were dudes.

The Todd said...

Either way, they were way hot and smelled nice.

snacks said...

the one in the pink was definitely a chick, definitely hot, and definitely smelled nice. although fake boobs are very weird

snacks said...

the one in the pink was definitely a chick, definitely hot, and definitely smelled nice. although fake boobs are very weird

Theory said...

Everything was comin' up "W" last night.