Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One down

One day down in Denton (definitely not Dallas), two to go.

Virginia -5 vs. Va Tech (L)
Xavier -7.5 @ Temple (L)
Rutgers +16 @ Syracuse (L)
Charlotte PK vs. St Joe's (W)
Drake -3 @ Bradley (L)
Missouri -5 @ Iowa State (L)
Florida +6 @ Ole Miss (W)
North Carolina -12 @ Georgia Tech (L)
Michigan +11 @ Illinois (L)
San Diego State -1.5 vs. Utah
Duke -5.5 @ Florida State (W)
Dayton -6 vs. UMass (L)
Purdue -1 @ Iowa (W)
DePaul +10 @ Villanova (W)

That is a lot of road teams.

Yesterday: 6-1
Season: 224-193

1 comment:

snacks said...

I already told you that Virginia was at home. And we went 3-0 on road teams last night so quit getting your damn panties in a bunch. You do realize that the lines take into account which team is home and which is on the road right??