Monday, January 21, 2008

And we're back

Just when the Gophers make you believe they might be a NCAA tournament level team, they lay an egg of this past week. Yes, I know both Indiana and Michigan State are the top two teams in the conference, but if you are an NCAA team, and you get both of them at home, you HAVE to win one of those games. It is just too hard to win on the road in the Big Ten to let winnable games slip away against teams like that.

I don't understand why this team refuses to cover white guys from three. First Stemler, which is sort of understandable I guess, but not in that situation, and now Neitzel. The guy is a career forty percent shooter, and he gets five wide open looks in the second half. The Gophers pressure defense is working well, as both Indiana and MSU had a whole bunch of turnovers, but they both also shot nearly fifty percent.

I don't even know what to say anymore. They made me believe, and then they shot me in the face. It was nice to McKenzie be more aggressive offensively, but Tollackson is still not a good offensive player and Dan Coleman disappeared again. Having Nolen wouldn't have made much of a difference. This is too depressing to even keep writing, so instead please enjoy the picture of Natalie Gulbis. It cheered me up.

And here was my votes for the Big Ten Power Poll. Minnesota should be lower, but the rest of the teams in this conference are a total suckfest:

1. Indiana
2. Michigan State
3. Wisconsin
4. Purdue
5. Ohio State
6. Minnesota
7. Iowa
8. Penn State
9. Illinois
10. Michigan
11. Northwestern

Syracuse +12 @ Georgetown
Santa Clara -9 vs. Pepperdine
Texas -2.5 @ Oklahoma State
Rider -11 vs. Iona

Weekend: 6-7
Season: 239-213


Anonymous said...

To all the #4 lovers out there, do you realize that your guy is the biggest bed wetter the NFL has ever seen? Yes, he's a bigger choke than P. Manning.

PJS said...

That picture is awesome, thanks.

Dr. Acula!. said...

Agreed. More pictures of Gulbis.

Jacie Z. said...

Hot chicks are so nasty!