Friday, January 4, 2008

Roll Dem Bones

In just a few short hours, I'll be on a bus with a keg on it. Final Destination: A craps table in Iowa. Hell yes.

BC +10.5 vs. Kansas (L)
Iowa +17 @ Wisconsin (W)
Michigan +12.5 @ Purdue (W)
Oregon +6.5 @ Arizona (W)
Rice +26 @ Oklahoma (W)
Louisville -2.5 @ Kentucky (W)
Cal +5 vs. UCLA (L)
Mich St -11.5 vs. Minnesota (L)
Stanford -6 vs. USC (P)
Baylor PK vs. Arkansas (L)
Notre Dame -5.5 vs. UCONN (W)
Washington +3.5 vs. Wash State (L)
Niagara -2 @ Manhattan (W)
Western Carolina +20 @ Davidson (W)

Yesterday: 3-3
Season: 181-155


Snake said...

Your final destination is actually rock bottom. That is the place you will be come 1 AM this morning when you are broke, drunk and stink like a wet ash tray!

What time are you pulling into Monte's tomorrow?

I Hate Joe said...

The question I bring before you is not a joke. After looking at their stats from this season, there isn't much difference, who would you rather have as your QB, T. Jackson or V. Young?

I'd take T. Jack.

J. Canseco said...

I would also take T. Jack. T. Jack has more talent and costs way less money so you can kick him to the curb after two seasons and it wont cause cap problems. Young is a poor mans Kordell Stewart but way more gay.

I wonder if anyone was dumb enough to have them on their fantasy team all year?

P.S. Hot college girls suck and only loser look at them