Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Santana to Mets

Johan has reportedly been traded to the Mets.

No Martinez in the deal is the suck. Either Sidler or I or both will break it down in more detail later, but I have to go drink beer now.


The Todd said...

Unrelated note but high comedy...former U hockey player Nate Hagemo just got out of the slammer from a three day stay for drug possession...apparently heroin. Check out what I think is his mug shot. I'm gonna go ahead and throw meth in there as well....well done Nate!


Anonymous said...

Meth or possibly he is in Fight Club.

snacks said...

Just a little FYI to all of the faithful readers - Snacks first day back picking games: 3-0-1. I can never, never leave WWWW on his own for that long again.