Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gophers v. Suckeyes, Part II - Live

6:44 - Just finished up some Leann Chinn's (Mongolian Chicken), have a few beers (assortment of a few Sam Adams, several Miller Lites), and am ready for the game. Also, my mom and wife are in the same room, babbling about all kinds of things and my mom just asked me "Are you blogging with your friends?" This could be distracting.

6:52 - For some reason we're watching "Never Been Kissed" before the game starts. Shoot me.

7:01 - It's nice to see Morneau and Cuddyer locked up for a bunch of years. Morneau, Mauer, Cuddyer, and Delmon Young is a very nice little foursome to build around. Now trade Santana.

7:04 - Line on this game opened at +8 and has dropped all the way to +6.5. People are listening to me.

7:06 - My cat's eating a cream cheese Wonton. That's weird.

7:08 - Turner abuses Shamala. Get him out. Shamala turnover. Get him out now.

7:09 - Jesus Christ. Shamala's guy loses him and hits a three. 8-0 Ohio State. Gophers have managed one shot.

7:11 - Shamala has position for a rebound and gets out muscled. Finally Tubby puts in Damian. 11-0 OSU.

7:13 - Busch attempts a three and of course misses. What the hell is going on here?

7:16 - Bogart texts me, "I took the moneyline. Thanks Jackass." I feel like a jackass right now.

7:20 - 17-2 OSU, 12:43 left. Watching the Gophers try to deal with this matchup zone is like watching Monson's teams try to figure out Northwestern. Even worse, they have no idea how to deal with this halfcourt trap. Really, really unimpressed with Tubby's preparation right now.

7:22 - Travis Busch getting heavy minutes. Is this a fucking joke here?

7:30 - Ok, so I was just reminded that after Snacks wedding at the hotel, I was in the bathroom and I fell over into the bathtub. I forgot that. Go me.

7:32 - Gophers on pace for 20 points this game. Less, actually. Now 19-8. Gophers have outscored OSU 6-2 in the last 4 and a half minutes. Silver Lining.

7:37 - Westbrook with two threes. Over half the team's points. Still 23-11.

7:38 - Another for Westbrook. Heat it up L-Dub.

7:40 - Nolen can't handle Butler. I did not factor that into my analysis.

7:51 - Damian Johnson with a great block, great steal, great assist, and completely dumbass foul to end the half, giving Jamar "I've made 35 free throws in a row" Butler two free throws to push the lead out to ten, 35-25 at half. Second half keys:
1. Keep hitting the boards. Seems pretty even thus far
2. Keep attacking the zone. They got back into the game by being aggressive on offense, driving and getting it in to the big guys. Koufos and Hunter have some blocks, but keep attacking at it will work.
3. Defensive pressure has to keep up, but also has to stop allowing easy shots. OSU shooting 48%, but was at 55% at one point late. Everything is starting to move in the right direction, it just needs to keep up. The first four minutes are very key here.

8:08 - I don't think Damian taking a three is the shot they wanted to start the half.

8:10 - Great steal, horrible pass. STOP DOING STUPID THINGS.

8:12 - Tollackson breaking out a new free throw style, and goes 1-2, but the second one was a good looking shot at least. It's an improvement, in any case.

8:18 - McKenzie might be heating up, stay tuned.

8:22 - Coleman can't seem to make a move without travelling, but the defense is playing well, and we have a three point game.

8:23 - Wow, Kevin Payton is in. That's weird.

8:23 - No McKenzie or Westbrook. Not a huge fan of this right here.

8:25 - Under 12 timeout, five point OSU lead. They're getting the turnovers, just need the offense to keep scoring.

8:26 - I'm actually swearing at the TV. I can't remember the last time I did that. I actually care, man, I actually care. Tubby brought me back.

8:28 - Why Travis Bush? Why? I guess he's got a little Zach Puchtel in him. Get it?

8:31 - Tubby is HOT. I think he's going to kill somebody.

8:33 - Where are McKenzie and Westbrook? Tubby is blowing this game. Finally a timeout after eight million turnovers by Hoffbarber and Nolen. Jesus, it's like they don't want to win.

8:40 - This team is too stupid to win. Seven point game, under 8 minute timeout.

8:45 - Butler finally misses a free throw, and the Gophers knock the rebound out of bounds instead of grabbing it, leading to a wide open three for Butler. TOO STUPID TO WIN.

8:50 - I quit. For life.

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