Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rod Will Report

My good buddy Dawger heading to Cooper last night to check out the Cooper/Benilde tilt, and was kind enough to send an exclusive report to DWG:

WWW- You should have come to the Cooper/Benilde game last night. I walked
in at the same time as the Great Tubby Smith. I also shook his hand and
told him how lucky MN was to have him (and if he wanted to he could have
his way with me or my girlfriend).

Rodney thoroughly dominated Jordan Taylor and Armond Battle. Cooper was up
by 23 at halftime. I think Rodney had at least 25 pts and was hitting from
all over the place. Jordan Taylor is a humongous (build wise) point guard
and I'm sure he'll do great at Wisconsin. He has a nice shot and is
extremely quick. Armond Battle has signed with Tulsa and looked pretty
solid as well.

Besides Coopers gym looking like a Snoop Dog video the game was awesome and
I highly recommend going to watch Rodney play a game.

Suck it, Dawg.

Thanks for the report Dawg. Hopefully Williams can get his grades where they need to be, and he can help with the great turnaround for the program Tubby is busy engineering.

Rutgers +9.5 vs. Villanova
NC State -2 vs. Georgia Tech
Purdue -2 @ Penn State
UCONN -2.5 @ Cinncinnati
Iowa +16 @ Indiana
UNC-Wilmington -4 vs. Northeastern

Yesterday: 2-2
Season: 243-217

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Mama Dawger said...

Personally my favorite part of the game is when the Benilde fans started singing the NAU theme song to the Cooper fans.
The Cooper fans then retaliated with the not so creative "daddy's wallet" chant.
The Benilde fans then stuck it to them with the below the belt "we can read" chant.
It pretty much stopped there and I am pretty sure there were at least 7 drive by shootings in the parking lot afterwards. Those rich kids have some balls.

Dawg spent the majority of the game giving our daughter highfive's (trying to convince here that she is a basketball fan)and creepin' on Tubby.

All in all it was a great game. Even for someone who hates the sight of anything orange. Rodney looks like 13 year old but can sure play some ball.

Go Cooper!